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Grants Management System

Designed to manage your entire grants lifecycle, from application to post-award monitoring. Read about us in the Idealware report, "A Consumer’s Guide to Grants Management Software" or see the full report.

SmartSimple is a GSA Advantage approved supplier.

SmartSimple is authorized to connect with the AWS GovCloud.

Grants Management System

GMS360° in Action

Use SmartSimple’s GMS360° to administer:

Grants Management

  • Applicants create and maintain their own personal and organizational profiles through an applicant portal.
  • Program and Grant Managers create eligibility criteria and verify tax status of applicants.
  • Applicants complete single or multi-stage applications with on-line budgets and file upload fields.
  • Reviewers and Board Members can access applications for approval through their portal.
  • Internal team members notify all relevant parties when the status of an application changes.
  • Internal team members can automatically generate approvals, declination and other branded documents and notifications.

Board Meetings

  • Create agendas and invitations.
  • See who is attending meetings, view agendas and all grant applications to be reviewed.
  • Create board books with a single click.
  • Record meeting minutes.

Donor Relations

  • Give donors the ability to view funding opportunities and talk to foundation staff.
  • Match and promote donor interests with available funding and donation options.
  • Track all donor-related communications, activities and preferences.

Program Management

  • Create, track and allocate funds for multiple programs and from multiple funding streams.
  • Create program objectives, collect and measure results.
  • Synchronize banking activities with any accounting system.

Employee Giving

  • Clearly define and outline your organization’s charitable policies, making it easier for employees to choose appropriate opportunities.
  • Encourage participation of employees through personalized portals.
  • Calculate corporate matching contributions based on custom requirements.

Employee Volunteerism

  • Create volunteer activities for your employees.
  • Match an individual’s skill set to available opportunities.
  • Engage all stakeholders with news, event invites and updates.
  • Document employee hours spent volunteering.
  • Manage all volunteer activities through a single, personalized portal.

Connecting to the rest of the World

SmartSimple connects seamlessly with a wide range of services:

GuideStarSmartSimple connects to Simplify (created by Technology Affinity Group – TAG) and GuideStar, providing market-standard data-sharing that gives you access to all relevant information from grantees.

Foundation-CenterSmartSimple supports Foundation Center's eGrant and hGrant Reporting initiatives, providing funders the ability to share grant data details.

Verify the status of any organization with the IRS in the United States, CRA in Canada and Charity Commissioners in the United Kingdom.

SmartSimple also provides integration with OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control), ensuring you’re funding legitimate organizations.

Google MapsGain visual insight into where applicants work to gain better perspective on funding.

Google TranslateGoogle's online translation service instantly converts text in more than 80 languages.

SignoritySmartSimple’s Signority service solution gives you the ability to sign documents online without paper or pens.

Signority complies with various North American and European Union electronic signature laws.

North American SaaS Pricing

Our unique pricing model is designed to provide maximum transparency and value. See exactly how much your team is using SmartSimple and only pay for what you actually use each month.

Internal Users

High Usage

For members of your team who access the system more than 40 hours per month.

$98 /Month

Low Usage

For members of your team who access the system less than 40 hours per month.

$16 /Month

Community Group License

Mostly external, these casual users are billed by concurrent usage. Note "Concurrent users" are defined as users who are logged in simultaneously to the system.

From $400 /Month

*Note pricing may be higher for employee giving and employee volunteerism programs.

Configuration Fees

Configuration fees are based on the complexity and functionality required. See our matrix for guidelines on pricing information.


For full details on all SmartSimple solutions, view and download our brochures.