Case Management Solutions

Case Management solutions configured to enable you to establish robust and efficient business process automation/workflow.

Broad Range of solutions for Insurers, Health Care Providers, Career and Employment Service Providers and Structured Settlement Practitioners.

Generate standardized health claim forms, appointment letters, reminders and invoices directly from the claim file.

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CMS 360#176 Grants Management Solutions

CMS360° in Action

Use SmartSimple’s CMS360° to manage

Medical Case Management

  • CMS360° provides a holistic view of the Claim from claim information and medical documents to client correspondence and exchange of information with the independent medical examiners.
  • In Ontario, Canada, CMS360° also integrates with the Health Claims for auto Insurance (HCAI) system. HCAI seeks to automate the exchange of claim information between Health Care Facilities, Independent Medical Examiners and Insurance companies.
  • Central repository of all client communication forms, standardized claims forms, reminders and Invoices.
  • Role based portal interfaces for Adjusters, Intake, Claim Assistants, Service Providers and Managers.

Community Care Cases

  • Manage all treatments and assessments in a community care environment.
  • Create secure role-based portals for patients and Service Providers.
  • Service Providers can complete forms offline and upload them later.

Employment Services

  • Facilitate career counseling, employment assistance and second career programs.
  • Track applicants, job opportunities, progress reporting, skill matching and workshop opportunities.
  • Stay up-to-date with both recent and historical client files.
  • Generate reports for government funders.

Attendance & Disability Management

  • Connect with third party providers of disability management services.
  • Manage multiple branches and programs.
  • Track cases for employees on both short and long-term disability claims.
  • Coordinate employee “return to work” activities.
  • Schedule appointments and treatments with internal and external service providers.

Structured Settlements Cases

  • Manage activities with claimants, annuity, life and casualty companies.
  • Track annuity products, amounts, payments, dates and send information to related parties.
  • Determine length of plan, guarantee period, amount invested and other relevant claim details.
  • Stay up-to-date on industry standard impairment ratings for claimant payouts.
Connecting to the rest of the World

SmartSimple connects seamlessly with a wide range of services:

Google Maps

Gain visual insight into where applicants work to gain better perspective on funding.

Google Translate

Google's online translation service instantly converts text in more than 80 languages.


SmartSimple's Signority service solution gives you the ability to sign documents online without paper or pens.


Send invoices to HCAI (Health Claims for Auto Insurance) with the push of a button.

North American SaaS Pricing

Our unique pricing model is designed to provide maximum transparency and value. See exactly how much your team is using SmartSimple and only pay for what you actually use each month.

High Usage

For members of your team who access the system more than 40 hours per month.

$98 /month

Low Usage

For members of your team who access the system less than 40 hours per month.

$16 /month

Mostly external, these casual users are billed by concurrent usage. Note "Concurrent users" are defined as users who are logged in simultaneously to the system.


*Note pricing may be higher for employee giving and employee volunteerism programs.

Configuration Fees

Configuration fees are based on the complexity and functionality required. See our matrix for guidelines on pricing information.

CMS360° Client Stories & Brochures

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