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SmartSimple > Medical Claims Management
Medical Claims Management
SmartSimple for Medical Claims Management
Madhulika - Project Manager
Insurers (Insurer360°)
When Insurers select SmartSimple to facilitate their health claims related to automotive accidents, bodily injury or property claims they do so to reduce cost and gain transparency and compliance.
Independent Medical Examiners (IME360°)
When Independent Medical Examiners select SmartSimple, they enjoy the seamless transfer of case information with many insurers as well as third party assessors in their network.

Learn more about our Insurer360° and our IME360° on the Product Guide.
Business Intelligence - Get up-to-date information you or your Payors require at a glance with an extensive reporting system.
Centralized - Store and search all case documents in one place making it easy to track down the information you need.
Secure - Peace of mind knowing that our certified high security throughout the system CSAE 3416 (CICA 5970) and SSAE 16 (SAS 70) ensures that your confidential case data is fully protected.
"The overall value of SmartSimple has allowed NRVMS Inc. to organize our staffing and assessments issues in an effortless and accurate method of product execution."
Mr. Denys Remedios, President/CEO - New Realm Vocational & Management Services Inc.
"We cannot imagine working a file without using SmartSimple. This software has combined the needs of the various players in the insurance industry resulting in an environmentally-friendly system that saves us paper, time and money!"
Jim Franko, President - Total Rehabilitation Management
"Evolve chose the SmartSimple solution as its main file management and portal solution for its out of the box capabilities and ongoing customizable interface that permits Evolve to meet the demands of its customers across different markets permitting for the efficient secure real-time paper-less communication for all parties."
Scott Knight, President - Evolve Assessments and Diagnostics
"With the support we have received from Smart Simple it has allowed our company to focus on getting our job done with high speed and efficiency. The Sales and Support Teams understand the needs of our company - they are incredible."
Doreen Lerman, Operations Manager - CWC Assessments
Are multiple users "allowed" to view a particular file/claimant at same time?
Absolutely, though the file/client will be read only except for the first user.
Can we manage all locations?
For sure, as a web based solution the system is designed to be used from all locations including, home offices and external provider locations.
Can Calendars be set up for multiple Assessors and what information will be in the Calendar?
Yes, you can setup calendars for all assessors and the calendar will display all their assessment activities as well as other appointments and availability.
North American SaaS Pricing
Core User
High Usage

Core User - High Usage - Administrative and other key users associated with the internal organization and using the system (logged in) more than 40 hours in any given month.

Core (High Usage) - Internal Administrators, Insurance Adjusters

Core User
Low Usage

Core User - Low Usage - Administrative and other key users associated with the internal organization and using the system (logged in) less than 40 hours in any given month.

Core (Low Usage) - Management

Entire Community

External Group License - Casual users such grant applicants, external reviewers or client employees who are not core users. These users are not billed by actual usage but by concurrent usage. Note "Concurrent users" are defined as users who are logged in simultaneously to the system. A client can have any number of users in the group but will only pay for the maximum concurrent users in any given month.

External - Consultants

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Configuration Fees

* Volume discounts available
† Starting from

Contact emea@smartsimple.com for pricing outside of North America.
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