SmartSimple Advanced Analytics

How to use analytics to make your data work as hard as you do.

Outcomes and Impact Measurement are buzzwords on every grantmaker’s lips. Organizations are under pressure to be more and more accountable for the results they deliver on behalf of their boards and funders. They’re being asked to answer questions like, “were these funds well spent? Did they achieve measurable results? Is there a need to rethink how we provide grants funding in the coming years?”

Most organizations have the answers to these questions. The problem is they don’t have the right tools or staff to make sense of the large amounts of data collected throughout their granting cycle, nevermind understanding outcomes metrics.

So what’s the best way to analyze your data and ensure you’re capturing the most relevant information? And how can you take that next big step where your data can actually help you make better decisions for the future?

By using the power of predictive analytics.

How to Use Predictive Analytics in Grantmaking

Predictive analytics is a powerful tool that can help enrich your organization's reporting capabilities and other strategic functions:

See into the future - no crystal ball required

Predictive analytics gives you the leverage you need to forecast future outcomes more accurately. How? By analyzing your past granting activities and applying those results to your planningprocess for upcoming granting activities.

SmartSimple is your partner every step of the way

SmartSimple is not only the leader in grants management software, we’re also your experts in predictive analytics. We’ll help you navigate the complex world of analytics and give you a complete understanding of how your past granting activities can assist in making decisions about your future funding activities. This will ensure you drive real, measurable results.

Build an effective Analytics program from the ground up

From defining your analytic objectives to your final data analytics model, SmartSimple provides complete predictive analytics support. Working with you, we’ll build predictive models using your own data, or select pre-built models and tailor them to your objectives.

SmartSimple knows how to identify and leverage the right data to make predictive analytics a valuable tool for your organization.

Getting Started with SmartSimple - Our Six Steps for Implementing Predictive Analytics

SmartSimple’s predictive analytics experts will guide you step-by-step through each stage of the process. We will ensure you have a clear understanding of each phase and are making the best use of your data to reach your analytics goals. Our predictive analytics services will assist you by:


Determine the objective

What is to be modeled and predicted?


Reviewing the data

Can it be used in a model that can be measured against the objective(s)?


Preparing your data

What do you need to do to the data (if anything) prior to modeling?


Constructing your data model or models

Which models are you going to build and test?


Evaluating the different models

What model is the best fit for your objectives?


Deploying the selected model

How can you apply the selected predictive model for use now and into the future?

Take the first step to unleashing your data’s predective capabilities by requesting a consultation today