Meet Alexa, your virtual administrator.

SmartSimple is excited to bring next generation technology to grantmakers and CSR staff, redefining what it means to have data at your fingertips.

A whole new way to access your data.

Our grants management and CSR solutions now integrate with Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, so you can ask detailed or on-the-fly questions about your programs and grants in a whole new way.

Have a question about your grants or workplace giving program? Just ask.

Get the answers you need and find out the numbers that matter even faster, without having to dig deep into reports and multiple dashboards. Uncovering the insights you need is as easy as asking a question.

With Amazon Alexa by your side, you and your executive team will never be without a key piece of data again. It has all the answers you need, with the data you have in SmartSimple.

Interested in meeting Alexa?

Contact us for a demo, and find out how you can add the intelligence of Alexa to your team.