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    Discover Amplify's Modules: Budget Manager

    Seamlessly track grant allocations and disburse payments from any number of funding streams

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    Amplify’s Budget Manager provides the ability to earmark allocations and disburse payments towards specific budgets, allowing administrators to easily set up complex budgets and make your grantmaking a more seamless process.

    Amplify: Budget allocation chart

    Visualize the flow of all your funding streams

    Couple your grant opportunities and financial resources to ensure accuracy, auditability and clarity.

    • View all your program and grant specific financial data across other modules without navigating back and forth
    • Design budgets directly linked to your programs or giving goals for easy reporting
    • Visualize the flow of all your budgets from one or multiple funding streams
    • Create automated workflows for budget related tasks like approvals and enabling budgets on specific dates
    Better complement your existing accounting process

    Better complement your existing accounting process

    Regardless of your needs, integrations and shared data make accounting for your grant funding less of a burden.

    • Split payments across multiple funds and even make them contingent on the completion of a grant requirements
    • Create ad-hoc reports to verify financial compliance
    • Set up two-way integration with your accounting system to sync all your payments
    Amplify: List view and chart

    Schedule and track payments

    Having a full history of all your investments in one place allows for you to view a more complete picture of your finances.

    • Payments can be split across funds and can be made contingent on the completion of a grant requirements
    • Predictive analytics can be used to visualize and forecast budget outcomes
    • Customize the disbursement of payments by date, program deliverables, and more

    Manage all your grantmaking and business processes on one platform

    Amplify is a single, cloud-based solution for supporting all your grantmaking needs and more. Different modules can be added and modified to augment Amplify’s functionality, enabling you to tailor Amplify to suit your specific requirements, even as they evolve. Whether you administer a simple grantmaking program or a complex portfolio of granting programs alongside other business processes, everything can be managed under one roof with room to grow.

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    Discover Amplify's modules

    Application Manager

    Application Manager

    Empower every stakeholder in your grantmaking lifecycle with convenient, centralized access to the information they need, anytime, anywhere.

    Program Manager

    Program Manager

    Manage all your grantmaking programs and their unique criteria to authentically mirror your funding priorities.

    Goal Tracker

    Goal Tracker

    Track goals effectively against all your grantmaking and program-related investment efforts.

    Event Manager

    Event Manager

    Streamline how you organize public events of any size and reach for your communities.

    Meeting Manager

    Meeting Manager

    Coordinate and provide information to staff, board, and reviewers for productive panels or board meetings.


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