BlockParty Toronto 2019

Cultivating communities and inspiring innovative thinking.

February 19-20, 2019

SmartSimple HQ and SickKids Foundation — Toronto, ON

SmartSimple Block Parties are perfect opportunities for SmartSimple users to gather, mingle, and get to know one another on a more human level. There's no better sense of community than to share knowledge, common experiences, and support — that's the inspiration behind SmartSimple Block Parties.

What will I learn from other SmartSimple users?

Our Block Party events will broaden your knowledge and elevate your capabilities with your SmartSimple system to help you create the most impact with your work. Connecting with fellow SmartSimple users is a great way to gather new ideas and perspectives on how to use features in ways you may never have thought of before. So, be sure to pack your laptop and bring an open mind because there will be a lot to learn from both the SmartSimple team and its user community.

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