BlockParty Toronto

Share ideas and find solutions. Together.

April 6, 2017 – 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

St. James Cathedral Centre, 65 Church St, Toronto, ON M5C 2E9

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Neighborhood block parties are an opportunity for communities to gather, mingle and get to know one another. There's no better sense of 'community' than to share something in common. That's the inspiration behind SmartSimple Block Parties.

Why attend Block Party Toronto?

Block Parties are a unique opportunity to join fellow SmartSimple users for a day of collaboration and learning. Share best practices and swap tips with peers on how to get the most out of your SmartSimple system. You’ll also meet SmartSimple users from a diverse range of backgrounds who will offer unique perspectives on how they leverage the SmartSimple platform.

What will I learn from other SmartSimple users?

Most SmartSimple clients use SmartSimple in their own unique way, leveraging features and functionality in ways specific to their own process. Chatting with fellow SmartSimple users is a great way to gather new ideas and perspectives on how to use features in ways you may never have thought of.

Who should attend?

Up to three SmartSimple users can register from your organization. From technical to non-technical users, this event is valuable for SmartSimple users of all experience levels, from novices to advanced. We also welcome prospective clients to join us in the afternoon for an opportunity to meet and greet with SmartSimple users and staff. Ask questions and find out why so many are choosing SmartSimple.

What do I bring?

Come with ideas! Share how you use SmartSimple, and see how others are using the platform. Be sure to pack your laptop so you can work with your Block Party peers. Get ready for the workshop by preparing answers to the following questions:

  • What was your biggest a-ha moment with the system?
  • What is your favorite SmartSimple feature?
  • What works best with your configuration? What are some barriers?

Justify your attendance

Do you need to put in a request to attend Block Party Toronto? Convince your employer to make the most of your organization’s investment in SmartSimple with a justification letter.