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August 2018 Upgrade Highlights

Posted by Stirling Myles on Aug 14, 2018 8:00:00 AM
 Photo by Georgie Cobbs

At SmartSimple, we believe that we not only have to evolve with technology but be a force that elevates it. It's not enough to create solutions for our clients, we need to continually innovate and make it easier for our clients to do their good work in the world. Each quarter, we release a series of upgrades we've developed over the last three months, many of which are created out of our clients' needs. Out of the extensive list of upgrades (listed on our Wiki),  we highlight and select a small of group of upgrades that solve many wide-ranging issues.

For this month’s upgrade, we focused on enhancing system security, automating GDPR compliance, and continuing to help users create their own unique experience in the SmartSimple system. Below is a summary of the exciting updates geared to make your platform easier to use.

Watch the video below to review the highlights from the August upgrade.




Button Groups / List View Selector

We enhanced the user interface in several areas for greater ease of use and consistency in experience. The List View selector has been moved into the List View action bar. This was done to introduce more consistency into List Views across the system, and to make it easier to edit your List Views directly from this updated action button.



 Screenshot of Button Groups / List View Selector Screenshot of Button Groups / List View Selector




Personal Dashboards

In this completely new feature, you can configure the look and feel of your personal dashboard. You can personalize your dashboard with list views, reports, and charts that you need to see. You can create any number of dashboards with different sets of information and share them with others through SmartCards. This feature saves time sparing you and other users the task of weeding out information that’s only relevant to them. All you need to do is set the system feature permission for “Personal Dashboard” to enable this.



 Screenshots of Personalized Dasboards Screenshots of Personalized Dasboards




Visualization Activity Timeline

To assist you in gaining a better vision of what’s coming and what’s accomplished in your processes, we’ve developed a new chart feature to help you visualize all your activities in a cleaner, simpler way. This chart plots the activities, status histories, and stages surrounding a project/task. You can use this to easily review the timeline of a project/task and determine its relationship with each activity throughout its history.



 Screenshot of Visualization Activity Timeline Screenshot of Visualization Activity Timeline




Zoom Integration

You can now schedule, record, log, track, and manage Zoom meetings all within the SmartSimple system with our new integration. All video conferences will be easily logged within one centralized system and can be accessed on any device. This feature will help you configure the initial authentication settings for your Zoom account and it can be enabled on Level 2 or 3 types as a meeting. Within this Level 2 or 3 will be an option to create or update meetings in Zoom.



 Screenshot of Zoom Integration Screenshot of Zoom Integration




Cookie Policy Template

To assist you in your compliance with GDPR, we’ve created a feature that alerts and requires users to accept your use of cookies on the SmartSimple system when they land on your login page. This feature also introduces a template which enables you to customize your own cookie usage policy within your Privacy and Security Policies. You can enable this feature within the Global Settings section, and when turned on, a policy comes up automatically.



 Screenshot of Cookie Policy Template Screenshot of Cookie Policy Template




New Personal Data Erasure Feature

Our new Personal Data Erasure feature was created to help you comply with GDPR. System administrators can easily respond to an individual’s request to have their profile and data deleted. To ensure compliance and track the activity of deletion, a certificate is given to the recipient confirming that they’ve been deleted from the system.



 Screenshot of Personal Data Erasure Feature Screenshot of Personal Data Erasure Feature




Disabling Common Words In Passwords

To enhance security and protect your valuable information, we’ve introduced a new password dictionary of commonly used passwords that eliminates the tendency to use common words and discourage data breach. This feature increases security in the entire system by enforcing the use of strong passwords for all users. When you create a new password or update one, attempts will be validated against the dictionary and the system will ask you to reattempt if a match is found.

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