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    How The Washington Traffic Safety Commission Modernized Their System To Save Lives And Administrative Time

    Posted by Stirling Myles on Jun 4, 2019 2:12:10 PM
    Photo by Eric Saunders

    A sluggish paper-based system hampered the Washington Traffic Safety Commission's nuanced and complex government-funded granting process. With all the detail work required to manage federally funded grants, they wanted to move to an electronic-based system. SmartSimple helped them centralize their process into one platform enabling them to invoice, manage projects, and track program impact in an all-in-one platform.

    Topics: System, Client Story, Client, Government, Grants Management, SmartSimple, Washington, Washington Transit Safety Commission, WTSC

    Introducing SmartSimple Support Twitter Account

    Posted by Stirling Myles on May 29, 2018 8:00:00 AM


    Topics: Support, Tech Support, Twitter Support, Technical Support, Twitter, Client Support, Client, SmartSimple, technology, Social Media, System Support

    Bridging Technology and Empathy: Why Support Needs To Be A Priority

    Posted by Stirling Myles on May 14, 2018 8:00:00 AM


    Topics: Support, Technical Support, Client Support, Engagement, Client, Empathy, SmartSimple, technology

    How Robins Foundation Modernized Their Granting Process For Robust Reporting

    Posted by Stirling Myles on Mar 1, 2018 11:00:24 AM

    Fact: The rate of technology is continuously and rapidly evolving, and it's easy to fall into an eternal game of catch up, especially when it comes to grants management platforms. By digitizing the grants application process, it ensures that all data will be in one centralized location with the capability to track and create robust reporting. This helps provide maximum community impact reporting that's so essential to community foundations. We collaborated with Robins Foundation to not only modernize their platform but also future-proofing it. Here's their story...

    Topics: Charity, Client Story, Client, Community Foundation, Grantmaking, Future-Proof, Grants Management System, Philanthropy, SmartSimple, Robins Foundation