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    Three Challenges You Need to Consider When Disbursing and Safeguarding Employee Workplace Giving Donations

    Posted by Stirling Myles on Aug 21, 2019 12:01:39 PM
    Photo by Brooke Cagle

    Collaborative blog post written by Alex Wong, SmartSimple’s Director of Marketing, and America’s Charities

    Topics: Employee Giving, Corporate Giving, Guest Post, SmartSimple

    6 Areas To Evaluate Your CSR Preparedness To Adopt SDGs

    Posted by Stirling Myles on May 16, 2019 2:24:35 PM
    Photo by Alexis Brown

    You’re probably reading this because you want to implement the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into your CSR strategy, but don’t know where to start. With 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 sub-targets on topics as diverse as gender equality, zero hunger, and climate action — Where do you even begin?

    Topics: SmartSimple Engage, Corporate Giving, CSR, Engage, SDG, SmartSimple

    A Brief History of CSR

    Posted by Stirling Myles on Apr 9, 2019 9:06:00 AM

    80% of the world’s 250 largest companies actively issue Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports on their efforts toward sustainability. We’ve come a long way since companies first started to apply very early forms of CSR in the 1910s. So how did we get to where we are and how has CSR evolved over the years?

    Topics: SmartSimple Engage, Corporate, Corporate Giving, Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, Engage, History, Philanthropy, SDG

    Want To Make An Impact On The Refugee Crisis? Take A Look At What Airbnb's Doing

    Posted by Stirling Myles on Jan 8, 2019 8:00:00 AM

    With the record-setting rate of refugees and forcibly-displaced communities seeking housing and care during their relocation into their new country, an increasing number of global corporations are stepping up to address this issue through their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. One of the most effective forms of assistance has been through community-driven volunteer programs because they provide consistent support to a cause while engaging volunteers with transformative experiences.

    Topics: Volunteer Management, Employee Giving, Airbnb, Corporate Giving, Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, Refugee Crisis, Open Homes, SmartSimple, technology, Refugees

    2018: A Year In Review

    Posted by Stirling Myles on Dec 12, 2018 2:19:50 PM

    2018 was another year of milestones, innovations, and developing future-proof technology. And with so much happening, we wanted to highlight some of the exciting moments and ideas that took place this year. We strive for and pride ourselves in furthering and pushing our services into territories we didn’t even think were possible. In a year of many achievements, we’re excited to present some of the milestones that happened along the path in 2018.

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