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Embracing trust-based philanthropy: 5 key features grantmakers are employing today

Posted by SmartSimple Software on Feb 14, 2023 4:41:35 PM

Implementing trust-based philanthropy (TBP) into grantmaking processes can be a challenge, but grantmakers are finding ways to make it a reality. In a recent webinar hosted by Greg Stanley, Director of Platform Solutions at SmartSimple Software, five key features were highlighted that grantmakers are incorporating into their operating practices to embody TBP. These examples serve as a starting point for grantmakers looking to advance their TBP goals.

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SmartSimple Cloud pens a Valentine's Day love letter to its users

Posted by SmartSimple Software on Feb 14, 2023 12:10:26 PM

My dearest users,

From the virtual skies, I write to you with love and admiration in my heart. As the SmartSimple Cloud platform, I am proud to be a part of your daily lives and to serve as the foundation for your projects, your dreams, and your success.

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