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    5 Things to Consider when Starting Your Impact Measurement Journey

    Posted by David Goodman on Jun 25, 2020 10:05:47 AM

    Topics: Reporting, Goal Tracker, Platform3, Panel Talk

    Leading with Technology in a Post-Pandemic World

    Posted by SmartSimple Software on Jun 23, 2020 9:29:09 AM

    Staff collaboration within MS Teams or Slack. Video calls for board meetings. Grant distribution via ACH and This is the “new normal” for philanthropy, and it’s happened in the span of weeks instead of years. Yet, with such a rapid change, how are grantmakers adjusting to a reality where technology is at the center?

    Topics: Conference, Grantmaking, Grants Management, Platform3, Panel Talk

    Looking Ahead: The Post-COVID-19 Era of Grantmaking

    Posted by SmartSimple Software on Jun 19, 2020 1:15:40 PM

    In the course of just a few months, our communities across the globe have been fundamentally changed. Every aspect of how we go about our lives has been affected in some way – from healthcare and retail to food service and essential services. As a result, each sector has had to rapidly adjust to an unprecedented, and invisible, threat to normalcy and our previous status quo. Philanthropy is certainly no exception. 

    Topics: Conference, Event, Grantmaking, Grants Management, Panel Talk

    Promoting Gender Equality: SmartSimple’s Women in Tech Open House

    Posted by Stirling Myles on Apr 26, 2018 9:36:00 AM


    The SmartSimple Women in Tech Open House took place on April 25, providing an open and inclusive setting for the nearly 60 attendees to learn from our female industry leaders about how to break into — and succeed — in the tech sector.

    Topics: Diversity & Inclusion, Responsible Companies, Panel Talk