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A Global Corporate Foundation

The Foundation, the philanthropic arm of a global food and beverage company, had been spending a large amount of money on user fees with their supplier, CyberGrants, even though many of their users were only in the system a few days a year. In addition, the service had been declining significantly in recent years. A serious system crash went unresolved for an extended period of time and their customer support lacked a sense of urgency when responding to requests. Looking for a change, the Foundation selected SmartSimple because of their usage-based pricing model, strong Customer Support, as well as the flexibility and scalability of the SmartSimple platform to support their increasingly complex needs.

Key Stats

SmartSimple Client Since: 2016

Type of Giving: Grants

Dollars Granted: Approx. $80 million annually

Old System: CyberGrants

Key Pain Points: : Lack of system stability, unresponsive customer support, high userbased fees

New System Must-Haves: Usage-based pricing model, flexibility, a high level of security, personalized support offering

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With SmartSimple, we knew we could build something that would meet everyone’s expectations. This was not going to be just a one-time relationship but a partnership that would build synergy for both organizations.

A Global Corporate Foundation