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The Harrington Discovery Institute (HDI) was using a manual grants process that consisted of vast amounts of paper and numerous emails. There was no consistency in their applications or in their process, and the constant creation of spreadsheet after spreadsheet left them open to data transfer errors. By moving to SmartSimple, HDI was able to automate not only their application process, but every other aspect of their granting cycle. They have found that having everything in SmartSimple has kept them organized, making it easier for grantees and reviewers to do their work. The HDI team can now also make changes to their system on their own.

Key Stats

Client Name: Harrington Discovery Institute

SmartSimple Client Since: 2014

Type of Giving: Research Grants

Dollars Managed: $3.5 million in 2016

Old System: Manual

Key Pain Points: No consistency in applications, too much manual data entry, information spread out over numerous spreadsheets, difficult to find data quickly.

New System Must-Haves: User-friendly for external users, efficient workflows, ability to evolve as the organization grows, able to make system changes on their own.

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Once we learned what the system was capable of, we realized how much it could do for us; not just for online applications, but in managing post-award activities. Having a system so configurable and easy to modify is immensely helpful.

Mel Sanders, Financial Analyst