Our Donor Management system provides branded and streamlined portals to elevate how your donors stay informed on their investments and the impact they’re making.

Engaging and managing relationships with donors are essential to all Community Foundations. Through one centralized and comprehensive system, you can effectively engage and update your donors into their funding impact and alert them to new opportunities they can contribute to. You and your Community Foundation can keep track of all donor relationships to authentically connect and effectively collaborate.

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Alert your donors with the most up-to-date and relevant philanthropic opportunities that are most relevant to their causes.

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Access real-time financial, impact and outcome-based data ensuring your DAFs are transparently tracked and reported to your donors.

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Confidently make informed DAF investment decisions from robust impact reporting.

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Make grant recommendations

Your donors can advise grants to specific causes or an organization from their DAF funds in just a few clicks.

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Access fund statements

Donors are empowered with real-time financial analytics of where their DAFs are and how they’re being invested.

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Effectively collaborate with your donors

Our system is equipped with collaborative tools such as automated emails to help you and your staff streamline all your actions with donors to manage with ease, speed, and accuracy.

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Key Features

  • Easy Access: Your donors can easily add money to their funds while making new gifts to multiple philanthropic causes.
  • Interfund Transfers: Donors can move money around either within their own funds or to a foundation
  • Foundation Staff View: Your community foundation staff can manage all your donor requests in one centralized place, so they can vet requests and approve them quicker and more efficiently
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