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    Virtual EMEA Summit Agenda

    Times are in GMT. Schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

    1:00 PM

    Networking and Virtual Event Housekeeping Rules

    1:30 PM

    Opening Remarks - SmartSimple EMEA 2020 Overview

    1:50 PM

    March 2020 Upgrade Review and Platform3 Roadmap

    Bring any questions you have on any of the March 2020 Upgrade features to the table, and our experts will provide answers and suggestions to guide you through. We will also give you some insight into our vision for tomorrow and what our long term plan is to ensure that we’re consistently putting an innovative, cutting edge technology solution in your hands, now and in the future.

    2:30 PM

    Virtual Networking Break

    2:40 PM

    Visualizing Your Panel Review Process with the Reviewer Assignment Grid

    Improve the efficiency of your review process with the Reviewer Assignment Grid! In this session, we'll show you how you can easily assign grants to panelists in a few clicks. This feature will also enable you to balance the workload across your panel by visualizing the number of reviews assigned to each panelist.

    3:20 PM

    Using Microsoft Excel Parser for Creating Budgets

    Feel more comfortable using Excel for creating budgets? Did you know your users can upload a formatted Excel sheet into SmartSimple and the data will get mapped to the appropriate fields? You can even set up your system to automatically create level 2s. In this session, we will get past the overview and  guide you on how to set up the Excel Parser within your own instances.

    4:00 PM

    Post-Event Virtual Networking