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    Discover SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management's Modules: Application Manager

    Empower every stakeholder in your grantmaking lifecycle with convenient, centralized access to the information they need, anytime, anywhere.

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    SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management’s Application Manager makes it easier to facilitate a grantmaking process that enables opportunities, not obstacles, for everyone. Consolidate all your grant opportunities, application forms, and submissions in one location with highly configurable options to help you eliminate inefficient or paper-based processes from your grantmaking.

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    Configure grant application forms to suit your unique goals

    Tailor your application forms to capture the information you’re looking to evaluate and measure impact on.

    • Simplify the grant submissions experience for your applicants with eligibility screening using 501(c)3 status verification and personalized registration pages
    • Ensure data integrity and eliminate duplicate efforts through integrations with Guidestar by Candid and pre-populated data
    • Choose from a multitude of field types, each with its own settings and safeguards
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    Centralize all your applicant and grantee data

    Application history, organizational information and contact details available at your fingertips.

    • Organization and contact profiles link to your grants for a singular source of information
    • Generate granting agreements and payment schedules with data populated from each award
    • Manage and store activities and staff notes within each grant for comprehensive documentation
    • Initiate and track reports through automation and workflows that tie back to your granting
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    Design the optimal experience for applicants and grantees

    Personalizable dashboards and portals create a collaborative working environment for everyone in your grantmaking process, no matter their role.

    • Contacts can be granted role-specific permissions that are tailored to their needs in your process
    • Display media and visuals to communicate information across multiple programs
    • Portal logos, colors and terminology can all be tailored to match your organization’s branding and the experience you want to create

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    “It’s so easy for new users to jump in and start using [SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management]. We’ve actually heard people say this is the easiest transition to a new grants management system they’ve ever experienced.”

    Celeste Orr
    IT Resource Coordinator

    Manage all your grantmaking and business processes on one platform

    SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management is a single, cloud-based solution for supporting all your grantmaking needs and more. Different modules can be added and modified to augment SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management’s functionality, enabling you to tailor SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management to suit your specific requirements, even as they evolve. Whether you administer a simple grantmaking program or a complex portfolio of granting programs alongside other business processes, everything can be managed under one roof with room to grow.

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    Discover SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management's modules

    Meeting Manager icon

    Meeting Manager

    Coordinate and provide information to staff, board, and reviewers for productive panels or board meetings.

    Budget Manager icon

    Budget Manager

    Seamlessly track grant allocations and disburse payments from any number of funding streams.

    Goal Tracker icon

    Goal Tracker

    Track goals effectively against all your grantmaking and program-related investment efforts.

    Event Manager icon

    Event Manager

    Streamline how you organize public events of any size and reach for your communities.

    Program Manager icon

    Program Manager

    Manage all your grantmaking programs and their unique criteria to authentically mirror your funding priorities.

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