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Tech Impact's Idealware recently published their 2020 Consumers Guide to Grants Management SystemsThe guide is widely regarded as the preeminent report on grantmaking software, which organizations of all kinds use to inform their technology decisions.

SmartSimple Cloud

SmartSimple Software – and our highly flexible cloud platform, SmartSimple Cloud – was one of the technologies profiled in the industry report. Appearing in every edition of the guide since 2011, SmartSimple Cloud has continually evolved, pushing new innovations to market with disruptive technologies and ideas.

While we encourage you to review the report yourself, we’ve pulled out some facts and insights that you’ll find interesting.

An overview of Tech Impact's Idealware 2020 Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems


  • In total, 14 software solutions were reviewed, three of which appeared in the report for the first time
  • An additional 12 software solutions were included in previous Tech Impact's Idealware guides, but did not meet evaluation criteria in the 2020 edition
  • Tech Impact's Idealware reviewed 12 key areas corresponding to all the major stages of the grants lifecycle
  • One of the evaluation areas included a customer experience survey where existing software users were asked to voluntarily provide feedback to a survey sent out by Tech Impact's Idealware on their experience with their current software provider
  • Features were evaluated and categorized into three categories: Basic, Standard, and Advanced, with Basic representing simple functionality and Advanced representing the most robust
Discover some facts and insights on SmartSimple in Tech Impact's Idealware 2020 guide

Facts & Insights

From the overall ratings, we placed number values to all of Tech Impact's Idealware ratings – Basic with a score of 1, Advanced with a score of 3 – in order to do a straight comparison of all software solutions reviewed.

  • Of all the 14 grants management systems reviewed, SmartSimple Cloud had the most number of Advanced features – 44% more than the second-highest rated solution
  • Of 63 clients who responded to the customer experience survey sent by Tech Impact's Idealware, over 80% said they would recommend SmartSimple
  • Of the solution providers that had 25 or more respondents to the customer experience survey, SmartSimple tied for the second highest in both Support and System Implementation 
  • SmartSimple Cloud is the only technology reviewed having Advanced features for the entire Application Review process

Rank by number of advanced features

SmartSimple's Platform3 ranked highest in the most number of advanced grantmaking features

You can read the full report by visiting Tech Impact's Idealware

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