The Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts program exists because access to fair and proper legal services should be a right, not a privilege. Yet complex processes, countless lines of calculations and inefficient methods of retrieving and tracking data can make the management and distribution of IOLTA funds labor-intensive and complex.

Save time, save effort, and empower
your process with IOLTA360°

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SmartSimple helps IOLTA organizations go paperless, and automates the many time-consuming manual tasks involved in the collection and fund allocation process through a centralized, online system.

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Produce comprehensive summaries and statewide overview reports, keeping essential stakeholders up-to-date about the outcomes and impact the funding program is accomplishing for low-income communities, statewide.

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IOLTA360° supplies you with reliable data needed to ensure the greatest visibility into the flow of your IOLTA dollars to appropriately oversee their grantee portfolio.

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IOLTA360° in Action

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Customizable Portals

IOLTA360° comes equipped with intuitive user web portals that monitor engagement, time, and effort logged.

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Applications and Budgets

  • Accurately distribute your funding based on poverty and population statistics
  • Eliminate the need for innumerable spreadsheets required for allocation models; IOLTA360°
  • Allocate your funding based on discretionary grant awards or formulaic grants
  • Powerful analytic tools to accurately distribute funds and calculate expenditures
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Financial and Evaluative Reports

Monitor your financials and deliverables for every supported organization in your system Import the most recent poverty statistics directly into IOLTA360° and save hours of data entry and processing time.

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Automated Email Notifications

Automated workflows notify you when evaluative reports are received by the system Ad-hoc list views provide reporting visibility into organizational spending and annual distributions.

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E-Signature Integration

Save time, paper, and ensure security with confidentiality with IOLTA360°’s e-signature integration with Signority services.

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