Machine Learning

The future of data processing is in predictive analytics, and it’s all about looking into the past to inform the future. Most industries working with large amounts of data have recognized the value of predictive technologies. By pulling from our robust reporting, predictive analytics matches the scalability of your growing organization’s complex needs. This element of technology helps to make informed, data-based decisions to allow you to focus on all the important elements of grants management.

Janus is a powerful predictive analytics extension of our platform. Inspired by the Roman deity, Janus, having two faces—looking both forward and back—enables your foundation to look at your past giving to assist in achieving stronger giving outcomes in the future. Janus provides you with validated decision making, greater consistency, and increased efficiency.

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Janus pairs with Machine Learning algorithms to define what data you want to track and glean insight from for informed, future predictions.

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Based on a broad set of proven algorithms, Janus will use each algorithm to determine the most suitable one to predict your chosen outcome you are looking for.

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Once the analysis is complete, the predictor is added to the form and each new grant, project, or case will be scored. Whether you want to ensure a percentage of success or want to create more informed marketing strategies, Janus will use its capabilities to determine the most suitable algorithm to help predict an outcome.

Janus in Action

Gleaning insights from your data – often in real time – your organization is able to work more efficiently and create more impact in their communities by using informed decision making through predictive analytics.

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Data Security

By utilizing predictive algorithms, Janus can find patterns in your granting and report on inconsistencies that could lead to poor decisions.

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Grant Funding Impact

By pulling information from grant reports and analyzing their funding impact, Janus can enable predictive algorithms to pinpoint specific community needs and predict where funding dollars will have the most impact, making for robust, high value reporting for donor engagement news.

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Review Process

Janus can be used to analyze the content of the grant application and to prescreen eligibility criteria for the review process.

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Janus can enable predictive algorithms to glean detailed information from past candidates and their success rates to predict what qualifications future scholarship applications need for highest funding impact.

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Predictive algorithms can process information at a quicker pace on more varied patterns than human deduction. By pulling information from a wide range of data, Janus can be used to understand risk factors in large populations, and ultimately save lives.

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