SmartSimple Partner Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply click on the sign-up button on our website, complete the online form and we’ll be in touch to get the process started.

Drop us a line at or contact your Channel Manager.

All SPN Partners receive full compensation for the implementation work performed, as well as a competitive percentage of all new client SaaS fees for the first year they are a SmartSimple client.

SmartSimple is a one-stop, cloud based SaaS solution, designed to help organizations connect with their communities. These can be other businesses, clients, donors, consultants, consumers or government agencies. Because SmartSimple offers a wide range of configuration options, it can be used by an equally wide range of organization types.

SmartSimple will share leads with you, but Partners are also encouraged to source additional leads on their own.

Absolutely! We will participate in joint demonstrations, sales calls and on-site visits as required to help you promote and sell SmartSimple. We will also provide any required printed collateral and branded promotional materials.

You must be an incorporated company that deploys web based, B2B systems.

A minimum of one employee must be trained and certified on our system.

Yes. When we provide you with your system, we automatically activate the option to create additional systems off that system. You can then create any number of systems, or even clone existing ones previously configured for other customers, replicating the structure but not the data.

If you have a client that requires a dedicated server, we can extract their system from the hierarchy when creating their system on their server. In this case, the client contract (as with the standard SaaS) is between SmartSimple and the client.

Once a client establishes a dedicated environment, the domain name can be set up by the client and linked to the server by SmartSimple.

Partners can use any of the three SmartSimple regions for hosting clients; the United States, Europe or Canada:

  • Partners will be provided with a root system in each region and your clients’ systems will be stored as sub-systems of your root system.
  • Partners are required to create their clients’ systems in the appropriate region based on the client’s location and comply with data sovereignty best practices.
  • All systems are in a shared infrastructure with a shared database logically separated by client.

Partners have access to several SmartSimple APIs:

  • The Ajax based Pandora API
  • The SOAP based API
  • A RESTful API (currently under development)

Access to any SmartSimple API requires a Developer License.

There are a variety of options available to support payment transactions that are completely configuration based. For example:

  • Autoloader can be used to create a set of payment records linked to a case, grant or other object. This scenario works when payment records are created in another system.
  • Payment records are created in SmartSimple and exported to a payment system. Once paid by the other system, an export file from that system is used to update the existing payment records in SmartSimple.

Note: SmartSimple currently does not support payment card information (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.).