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    Amazing things happen when you partner with SmartSimple

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    We can help you take your business to the next level. We’ll help open up business opportunities for you that you never thought were possible.

    Leverage our Technology. Empower Your Customers. Grow Your Business — Faster.

    As a partner, you’ll have access to benefits including exposure to over 300 clients worldwide across a range of industries, equal connection to high-level sales opportunities, and can earn professional services revenue.

    • Undergoing a hands on Mentorship Program to fast-track learning process
    • Access to all-scale implementation projects
    • Demo assistance
    • Marketing and events support
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    Types of Partnerships

    There are many opportunities and avenues to collaborate with SmartSimple. Here are the different kinds of partnerships we offer:

    Implementation Partner

    Implementation Partner

    Once trained in our Mentorship Program, you’ll help build your client platforms with the SmartSimple system. You’ll be rewarded with first-year SaaS fees and professional implementation fees.

    Referral Partner

    Referral Partner

    We provide every tool you need to set up a referral system. You’re rewarded with a fee for every new client qualified referral lead.

    Consulting Partner

    Consulting Partner

    Once trained in our Mentorship Program, you’ll help facilitate the system build for your client platforms. You will have access to opportunities to grow your business with an expanded client base with every project.

    Integration Partner

    Integration Partner

    When you connect your technology to extend the capabilities of our platform, you’ll become a preferred vendor in our services.

    Why Choose Our Technology?

    Unparalleled Software Flexibility

    Unparalleled Software Flexibility

    Our software is fully configurable to perfectly match the scale, scope, and complexities of your organization’s needs.

    Industry Leading Security

    Industry Leading Security

    We take security seriously and are an inaugural partner in Amazon Web Services Government Competency Program, Public Sector Program, and SAAS Partner Program. We are also an Advanced Technical AWS Partner.

    Quarterly Upgrades

    Quarterly Upgrades

    SmartSimple has applied over 130 upgrades to the system since we started the business That’s how we keep up with evolving customer needs, technologies, and enhanced security needs.

    Why Choose SmartSimple As Your Partner?

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    Support Across Multiple Time Zones

    Our partners have around the clock access to live support.

    • GMT: 9 pm Sunday to 2 am Saturday
    • EST: 4 pm Sunday to 9 pm Friday
    • PST: 1 pm Sunday to 6 pm Friday
    • AEST: 8 am Monday to 1 pm Saturday

    Support is available in Spanish, French, Arabic, and English. Community Portal and helpdesk ticketing are available 24/7.

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    Education Resources

    Our experienced staff provides immersive online and in-person training to help support every client and ensure they take full advantage of the capabilities of their new system.

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    Our Growing Global Footprint

    • Four region hosting options: United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia
    • Hosting with Amazon AWS: United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia

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    We are SOC 1 and SOC 2 Compliant

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