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Maximize efficiency and measurement throughout your grants lifecycle with our highly flexible, all-in-one solution for foundations and grantmakers.

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From grant proposals and submissions to approvals and reporting, SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management is a comprehensive, easy-to-use grantmaking solution to simplify collaboration and streamline your entire grantmaking process – no matter the size or scope of your philanthropic giving. Whether you’re a foundation or an international grantmaker, SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management empowers all stakeholders with a centralized suite of configurable modules to meet your every requirement.

Optimize your grantmaking processes for greater impact, no matter your mission

The world around us is constantly changing, this makes addressing local and global issues more challenging by the day. With SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management’s inherent flexibility, your organization can adapt to the shifting landscape while increasing your impact on the issues that matter most.

Manage all your grantmaking and business processes on one platform

SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management is a single solution that supports all of your grantmaking needs and more. Different modules can be added and modified to augment your solution's functionality.  This enablesg you to tailor SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management to suit your specific requirements, even as they evolve. Whether you administer a simple grantmaking program or a complex portfolio of granting programs alongside other business processes, everything can be managed under one roof with room to grow.

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Contact book icon

Contact Relationship
Management (CRM)

Effectively organize and manage all your contacts and the multiple roles each one plays in your process – be it grants manager, reviewer, grantee or board member – across the various organizations they represent. All information is centralized within a single profile, organized by role and organization.

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Reporting and Dashboards

SmartSimple Cloud’s Report Builder Neo provides a robust reporting engine enabling you to report on any outcomes-based data point and create custom reports that can be shared and exported. Personalizable dashboards enable all your users to track the metrics and milestones most important to their role.

Flow chart icon

Automation Workflows

SmartSimple Cloud can help streamline your processes by managing even the most complex workflow with branching logic by grant program and triggered automation. Efficiently move more work through your process while eliminating manual or time-consuming tasks, all without ever feeling held back on what you can achieve.

Discover SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management's modules



Application Manager

SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management’s Application Manager makes it easier to facilitate a grantmaking process that enables opportunities, not obstacles, for everyone. Consolidate all your grant opportunities, application forms, and submissions in one location with highly configurable options to help you eliminate inefficient or paper-based processes from your grantmaking.

Grantee Application Screenshot

Configure grant application forms to suit your unique goals

Tailor your application forms to capture the information you’re looking to evaluate and measure impact on.

  • Simplify the grant submissions experience for your applicants with eligibility screening using 501(c)3 status verification and personalized registration pages
  • Ensure data integrity and eliminate duplicate efforts through integrations with Guidestar by Candid and pre-populated data
  • Choose from a multitude of field types, each with its own settings and safeguards
Grants Manager Screenshot

Centralize all your applicant and grantee data

Application history, organizational information and contact details available at your fingertips.

  • Organization and contact profiles link to your grants for a singular source of information
  • Generate granting agreements and payment schedules with data populated from each award
  • Manage and store activities and staff notes within each grant for comprehensive documentation
  • Initiate and track reports through automation and workflows that tie back to your granting
SmartSimple Cloud dashboard screenshots

Design the optimal experience for applicants and grantees

Personalizable dashboards and portals create a collaborative working environment for everyone in your grantmaking process, no matter their role.

  • Contacts can be granted role-specific permissions that are tailored to their needs in your process
  • Display media and visuals to communicate information across multiple programs
  • Portal logos, colors and terminology can all be tailored to match your organization’s branding and the experience you want to create

Program Manager

SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management’s Program Manager module gives you complete control over building and managing your grantmaking programs, with as much simplicity or complexity as your objectives require. Whether you’re looking to launch competitive or non-competitive grant cycles, you’ll gain greater focus with an organized view of all your giving programs and their unique criteria.

Program Manager on SmartSimple Cloud

Establish links between grant applications and actions

Reduce redundancies within your programs by creating connections between grants opportunities and what needs to be achieved

  • Easily create and define your grant categories or program areas
  • Manage multiple call cycles with varying start and end dates,
    minimum and maximum grant amounts and more
  • Sync all your related grant applications, budgets, and meetings to
    your grantmaking programs
  • Establish reporting to meet your unique needs
Grants staff portal

Develop your grant opportunities with greater clarity

Provide a configurable, clear overview of your grantmaking targets

  • Create grant reports that roll up to calculate program-level outcomes
  • Classify programs according to your organizational terminology
  • Broaden or narrow the program criteria of programs as you need

Better respond to shifts in your grantmaking

Provide a configurable, clear overview of your grantmaking targets

  • Create grant reports that roll up to calculate program-level outcomes
  • Classify programs according to your organizational terminology
  • Broaden or narrow the program criteria of programs as you need

Budget Manager

SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management’s Budget Manager provides the ability to earmark allocations and disburse payments towards specific budgets, allowing administrators to easily set up complex budgets and make your grantmaking a more seamless process.

Budget allocation chart

Visualize the flow of all your funding streams

Couple your grant opportunities and financial resources to ensure accuracy, auditability and clarity.

  • View all your program and grant specific financial data across other modules without navigating back and forth
  • Design budgets directly linked to your programs or giving goals for easy reporting
  • Visualize the flow of all your budgets from one or multiple funding streams
  • Create automated workflows for budget related tasks like approvals and enabling budgets on specific dates

Better complement your existing accounting process

Regardless of your needs, integrations and shared data make accounting for your grant funding less of a burden.

  • Split payments across multiple funds and even make them contingent on the completion of a grant requirements
  • Create ad-hoc reports to verify financial compliance
  • Set up two-way integration with your accounting system to sync all your payments
Budget Manager

Schedule and track payments

Having a full history of all your investments in one place allows for you to view a more complete picture of your finances.

  • Payments can be split across funds and can be made contingent on the completion of a grant requirements
  • Predictive analytics can be used to visualize and forecast budget outcomes
  • Customize the disbursement of payments by date, program deliverables, and more

Meeting Manager

From board meetings to grant reviews, SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management’s Meeting Manager simplifies the logistics of organizing meetings of any kind by consolidating them into one module. Whether you’re hosting virtual or in-person meetings, give all your participants the access to the information they need for more focused discussions and effective decision making.

Reviewer Portal

Streamline your meeting logistics to save time

Achieve more with a focused connection between all the deliverables you need for effective decision making

  • Send automated emails to individuals and groups that are tailored to their specific role
  • Securely share information with permissioned access to portals and all meeting materials
  • Host virtual meetings using our Zoom integration or other video conferencing solutions so your participants can take part from wherever they are
Reviewer screen plus Meeting Book

Provide personalized meetings and reviews

Adapt your meeting to match the information, and the stakeholders, required for decisions

  • Administer grants, reports, and budgets in your meeting without leaving SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management
  • Quickly compile board dockets and critical supplements for consideration
  • Configure review panels and committees according to your grantmaking process
Meeting Manager

Showcase your successes

Visualize the trajectory of your progress to make more informed, data-driven decisions

  • Display meeting related deliverables and budgets
  • Create graphs and charts from data linked to milestones and indicators
  • Communicate the momentum of your grantmaking from a single point of access

Event Manager

SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management’s Event Manager module helps free your team from the logistics of hosting public events of any size and reach. Manage all your attendees and their preferences as well as event communications all from within SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management, so you have more time to focus on deepening relationships within your communities.

Event Staff Portal

Streamline managing events from start to finish

Keep your data consistent by using Event Manager as a single database to facilitate event registration and coordination

  • Create event registration forms to capture the details you need and save time auto populating content from other SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management modules
  • Keep track of all your registrants’ preferences for comprehensive profiles for greater visibility
  • Create, automate and track all your event communications, including invitations, notifications, and reminders

Organize events meeting your exact specifications

With a high degree of flexibility to accommodate events of any kind, you won’t be held back in organizing the event you need from multiple platforms.

  • Create tailored event registration pages with branded images and dynamic field options
  • Automatically link attendees to events based on predetermined categories or interests
  • Reduce your dependence on additional software and services to administer your events

Improve the event attendee experience

Whether you’re organizing grant application information sessions, community fundraisers, or staff volunteering events, you have full control over the attendee experience.

  • Create a personalized experience for any or all your organization’s events through configurable portals, branded images and more
  • Forge and maintain relationships with clear connections to organizational goals

Goal Tracker

SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management’s Goals Tracking capability is entirely unique, enabling you to adopt industry-standard frameworks, such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or your own for tracking progress on your outcomes. Define the outcomes that matter to your organization most across all your grantmaking and program-related investment efforts.

Goals tracking screenshot

Track the metrics most important to the goals you've set

Implement your own goals for more effective and relevant outcomes measurement across your entire organization and grantmaking programs. Whether it's cubic meters of water saved, the number of trees planted, or pounds of food donated, SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management can track and report on any unique metric needed to measure the outcomes that matter to you and your stakeholders most.

Goals tracking in SmartSimple Cloud

Configurable reporting for visualizing your progress

Every data point within SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management can be reported on, enabling you with access to meaningful metrics to measure your grantmaking goals and outcomes against. Our Neo Report Builder’s drag-and-drop interface empowers your team to create highly detailed and complex reports that will cut to the heart of the metrics you’re looking for.

Connect data across your organization's grantmaking footprint

Seamlessly feed your grantmaking and goal data into other enterprise systems and software like Excel. For more sophisticated analysis, you can effortlessly pull your data into business intelligence tools such as Power BI or Tableau with our SmartConnect API and OData (Open Data Protocol) connectors.

We are partners in the success of your grantmaking

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“The SmartSimple team really listened to what we wanted and needed in a grants management system. They offered the flexibility and accessibility we were looking for and at a reasonable price.”

Kim Thao
Operations Director

Benefit from the SmartSimple ecosystem

SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management is more than just software. We offer an ecosystem of implementation and consulting partners using their deep subject-matter expertise to build uniquely tailored solutions connecting other key business processes on SmartSimple Cloud.

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The SmartSimple Cloud Marketplace offers a host of apps and services to extend SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Managements' functionality even further, like GuideStar by Candid, LexisNexis, and Amazon Alexa. Discover our nearly 50 apps all spanning a number of different categories spanning from accounting solutions to online signatures.

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