The Grants Management Solution for US State Agencies that tracks every dollar from funding source to grant

You know how complex US Federal and state granting is. From state budget offices and agencies using different systems for tracking and managing grants, to funds disbursements distributed through multiple programs, transparency around budgets — from funding source to funding outcomes — is challenging.

SmartSimple’s Revere is the grants management solution that provides complete transparency and visibility through the state granting processes. The flow of funds from every incoming grant and outbound re-grant can be tracked and reported on, dollar for dollar.

Configuration is the key for single state and multiple state agencies

Revere 1 - Single State Agency Solution

Revere 1 manages grants and projects for single US state agencies. Grant seekers register and apply for state grants from one agency.

Revere 2 - Multiple State Agencies Solution

Revere 2 manages grants, projects and the allocation of grants funding to multiple US state agencies. Grant seekers only need to register one time and are able to apply for grants for any state agency.

A single platform for US state agencies

Every stakeholder in the granting cycle works on a single platform. This provides unparalleled transparency and control over your state budget allocation process.

Get details for hundreds of US granting opportunities

Import grant information directly into Revere from, the centralized repository where grantseekers can apply for funding opportunities offered by federal grantmaking agencies.

Track granting outcomes from all US sources

Easily reconcile grant funding awarded to actual outcomes on grants from US federal and state agency sources.

End-to-end monitoring of your entire grants lifecycle

Revere can monitor your entire pipeline on all incoming US federal and state level grants applied for and awarded.

Complete support for all your state grants management documentation

Robust outcome reporting, including support for Federal Grant Reporting Forms (SF-425, etc.).

Role-based and attribute-based access for all users

Each group of stakeholders have their own unique role-based or attribute-based security access portal. Administrators have complete flexibility to determine the appropriate security model, information and data a group of stakeholders has access to, be it the state budget office staff, agency or grantee.

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“SmartSimple truly empowers me to use and configure new functionality on my own; that means, technically, I can build new pieces of our system on my own.”

The grants management software solution with the highest compliance standards

Approved GSA supplier Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 certified

SmartSimple is an approved United States Government General Service Agreement (GSA) Advantage Schedule 70 supplier. You can view our contract GSA GS-35F-458BA or look us up on the GSA Advantage website. We’re also compliant with the standards for FIPS 140-2 encryption.

We’re also authorized to support clients who prefer to host on the FedRAMP approved GovCloud, providing additional options for you for hosting your grants management software solution.

SmartSimple is Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 certified and has also received AWS Amazon Web Services standing as a Government Competency Partner, SaaS Partner and Advanced Technology Partner, this indicates a high level of product and service excellence from the largest cloud hosting provider in the world.

See how Revere will bring a new level of transparency to your state’s grant funding process by requesting a demo today.