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    Discover Aspire's Modules: Fund Manager

    Seamlessly track all your scholarship and award funds from any number of funding sources all in one place.

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    Aspire’s Fund Manager module helps you keep track of every amount awarded regardless of its funding source in your process. Efficiently monitor scholarship and award program budgets, schedule payments, automate disbursements, incoming donations, and produce financial reports – all from one, convenient location.

    Aspire Budget Management

    Organize your program’s financial processes in tandem with your other systems

    Couple your available scholarship award opportunities and financial resources to ensure accuracy, auditability and clarity across your programs

    • View all your program’s financial data across Aspire’s other modules without needing to navigate back and forth
    • Set up two-way integration between Aspire and your financial institutions to sync all your fund and payment data
    • Consolidate payment records from your external systems within Aspire to make cross referencing funds more seamless
    Aspire Self Identification

    Get granular with reporting to ease the relationship between your available awards and funds

    • Dive deep into specific awards from particular funds and see all your program’s finances at any angle you need
    • Get an in-depth breakdown of all the payments that have been disbursed from your funds, along with a record of every associated application
    • Create detailed reports with compelling graphs and comprehensive figures how much of your funds are being utilized
    • Easily track incoming donations and monitor they’re disbursed, giving you and your donors an end-to-end view of how their contributions are making a difference
    Aspire Allocation Chart

    Sync award funds with other Higher Education systems for even more visibility

    • Track funds more confidently by connecting with the Financial Aid office and other campus partners to provide better student services

    Manage all your scholarship awards and business processes on one platform

    Aspire is an all-in-one solution powered by SmartSimple’s Platform3 technology that’s designed to help you manage your scholarship award process exactly the way you want. With all its components being modularized, you’re able to uniquely tailor Aspire to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re a foundation administering a simple scholarship program, or are a Higher Education institution managing a complex portfolio of awards with granular criteria, everything can be managed under one roof.

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    Explore Aspire's modules

    Application Manager icon

    Application Manager

    Streamline every step in your submission process while aligning all your staff and applicants with the information they need.

    Award & Financial Aid Manager icon

    Award & Financial Aid Manager

    Manage all your scholarship and financial aid opportunities, including bursaries, work-study programs, government loans and more.

    Review Manager icon

    Review Manager

    Simplify onboarding and assigning reviewers, scoring applications, and reporting on results for faster reviews from anywhere.

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