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SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding

Manage your entire grant lifecycle under one roof with full transparency over your incoming and outgoing funds.

SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding empowers federal, state, local, and tribal governments to streamline administering grant programs on a centralized and secure cloud-based platform. Scalable from the ground up, SmartSimple Cloud can be deployed for individual agencies, as well as several agencies through a central budget office using a shared services model.

Optimize your granting processes for greater collective impact, no matter your mission.

With SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding, time-consuming legacy, manual, and paper-based processes can be automated to save your agency valuable time and resources. Our end-to-end solution also provides a robust audit trail, giving you a comprehensive view to manage funds, budgets, and allocations more effectively. Supported by live support to help you and your constituents when needed, SmartSimple Cloud is a flexible, future-proof platform that is tailored to tackle your unique mission and goals.

Tailored to address your agency's every unique requirement


Gain greater transparency and visibility over your audit trail


Responsive support whenever you need


Highly ranked as an industry leading solution

Manage all your funding programs and operations on one platform

SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding is an all-in-one solution that’s designed to help you manage your funding and granting programs exactly the way you want. With all its components being modularized, you’re able to uniquely tailor SmartSimple Cloud to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re a municipal, state, or federal agency, everything can be administered on our highly configurable and secure platform.


Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

Effectively organize and manage all your contacts and the multiple roles each one plays in your process – be it grants manager, reviewer, grantee or board member – across the various organizations they represent. All information is centralized within a single profile, organized by role and organization.

Reporting and Dashboards

SmartSimple Cloud’s Report Builder Neo provides a robust reporting engine enabling you to report on any outcomes-based data point and create custom reports that can be shared and exported. Personalizable dashboards enable all your users to track the metrics and milestones most important to their role.

Automation Workflows

SmartSimple Cloud can help streamline your processes by managing even the most complex workflow with branching logic by grant program and triggered automation. Efficiently move more work through your process while eliminating manual or time-consuming tasks, all without ever feeling held back on what you can achieve.

Discover the modules of SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding

Application Manager

SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding’s Application Manager module enables you to manage the entire grant application process from one place. It centralizes all application-related information to simplify data-sharing among the diverse stakeholders involved in your process, whether grantor, grantee, recipients or their subrecipients. Role-based data access (RBAC) gives you a secure yet easy way to coordinate who has access to what data, be it grant opportunities, application and review forms, and submissions.


Tailor SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding to suit your unique grant application process

Configure the Application Manager module to support single or multiple application and review stages unique to your process
  • Pre-screen the field of eligible applicants with eligibility quizzes and vet applicants against the IRS database, via EIN search or other watchlists and databases
  • Set your own application statuses to authentically reflect your actual process workflow
  • Create payment schedules by date, specify each payment amount, and set automatic payments or submitted pending approval

Centralize all your applicant and grantee data

Application history, organizational information and contact details available at your fingertips
  • Organization and contact profiles link directly to your grants for a singular source of information
  • Generate granting agreements with data populated from each award
  • Manage and store activities including reimbursements within each grant for comprehensive documentation

Simplify the application process and reduce errors and bottlenecks

Spend less time on administration and support by creating a clear, easy to follow application process
  • Program details can be linked directly to your agency’s website, so that potential applicants can review the application criteria prior to self-registering
  • Applicants can review available programs and commence the application process from within their own unique portal
  • Improve communication through triggered notifications to streamline support for applicants during the process

Program Manager

SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding’s Program Manager module enables you to create program types that reflect your unique funding objectives. Any number of programs can be defined with the ability to set selection and outcomes criteria. All applicant data is pulled in directly from SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding’s Application Manager module and is aggregated with the Program Manager module, enabling you to see a full snapshot of program metrics, including application count and the total value of application budgets.


Better align grant program requirements with your funding priorities

Easily create grant types or program areas, including loans, while effectively capturing program requirements
  • Create different call types, be it open or closed, or invitation only solicitations
  • Define any number of custom fields, supported file types for upload with applications and project budgets for each program
  • Manage multiple call cycles with varying start and end dates, minimum and maximum grant amounts and more your grantmaking programs
  • Set up loan repayment calculations and unique conditions for forgivable loans

Have greater transparency around grant program metrics

Gain insight around program performance and participations
  • Create grant reports that roll up to calculate program-level outcomes
  • Track application metrics by program like application count, total value of application budgets submitted
  • Sync all your related grant applications, budgets, and meetings to your grantmaking programs

Better respond to shifts in your grantmaking

Save time creating new programs or pivoting existing initiatives as your funding strategy evolves or changes
  • Create rapid response programs without being held back by administrative burden
  • Implement changes quickly to existing programs to pivot and realign with changing program objectives

Panel Manager

SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding’s Panel Manager module is used to support review meetings and panel or committee-based reviews. The convenient module helps you more efficiently manage all scoring processes and further consolidate all the key information your reviewers need in order to perform proper, fair assessments of grant applications.


Streamline your meeting logistics to save time

Lessen administrative burden and manage simple or complex, multi-stage review processes with greater efficiency
  • Send automated emails to individuals and groups that are tailored to their specific role
  • Manually assign reviewers to review specific applications or bulk assign roles to users using the reviewer assignment grid
  • Share printable agendas that are auto generated from the meeting details entered into the Panel Manager module

Collaborate more effectively with reviewers and other stakeholders

Work more seamlessly and efficiently with stakeholders for a more coordinated review process
  • Pull applications for review directly from the Application Manager module into your created meeting
  • Generate thorough dockets or board books that can be compiled in PDF format and automatically emailed to committee or board members
  • Host virtual meetings using our Zoom integration or other video conferencing solutions so your participants can take part from wherever they are

Share key information easily and securely with your stakeholders

Keep your entire team organized by centralizing all key data and information
  • Securely share information like meeting information, tasks and applications for review with reviewers and committee members through unique, personalized portals
  • View aggregated meeting metrics by committee or panel including number of proposals or applications, as well as average, total and maximum fund requesting amounts
  • Share meeting results and aggregated review scores in clear, easy to read charts

Source Funds Manager

SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding’s Source Funds Manager module enables you to manage all tasks related to the source fund acquisition process. Prime Awardees can pull in targeted grant opportunities directly from and manage the entire application process from SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding. The Source Funds Manager module connects with SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding’s other modules to create a seamless and transparent audit trail from fund source to disbursement.


Manage all source funding activities from one, central place

Stay organized and on top of all source funding opportunities you are pursuing as well as ones you are monitoring
  • Add any number of funding opportunities directly into the Source Fund Manager module from
  • Complete the entire source fund application from the Source Funds Manager Module and consolidate it into an exportable PDF, Word or Excel file for easy submission
  • Track the statuses of all your applications, be it in Draft, Under Review or Approved

Have a complete picture of the audit trail

Accurately track every disbursement payment directly back to source fund
  • Easily track the pool of funded subrecipients against the grant source they are being funded from
  • Track every disbursement record, its payment status and payment dates by each individual source fund
  • Get an aggregate view of your total budget across all funding sources versus total funds appropriated

Gain greater visibility over allocated funds

Track impact of awarded source funds and manage source fund budgets more efficiently
  • View all record details including progress reports from approved grant projects by program and by funding source
  • Manage source fund budgets more effectively with a clear view of funds appropriated and fund amounts remaining

Budget Manager

SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding’s Budget Manager module centralizes all the key activities around fund allocation and disbursements. Our Budget Manager module enables you to earmark allocations from source funds and coordinate disbursements by program area. Easily set up complex budgets, make adjustments and track any key budget fields that need to be regularly monitored or reported on.


Have complete oversight over all your funding streams

View, track and report on your financial position and stay on top of your funding priorities

  • View all your program and grant-specific financial data all from the Budget Manager module
  • Track the flow of all payments back to individual or multiple funding streams
  • Get a clear snapshot of your financial position and add as many budget fields as you need, including total funds available, funds committed, payments made, remaining funds, and more

Simplify how you manage complex funding arrangements

Add your unique funding rules into the Budget Manager module and streamline administration & compliance

  • Manage complex funding arrangements like split payments from multiple funds across multiple programs
  • Create conditional payment arrangements contingent on the completion of grant requirements or progress reports
  • Set up two-way integration with your accounting system to sync all payment transaction records to be posted to your general ledger

Track the progress of funded projects

Gain full visibility over funded projects from disbursement to progress reporting

  • Drill down to the record level directly from the Budget Manager module for an easy path to see all activities related to awarded grants
  • Track the status of fund disbursements against the awarded grant
  • View full progress reports and reporting history for easy review prior to disbursement payment

Reporting Your Impact

All your data within SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding can be reported on, enabling you to have a fully comprehensive view over your process and activities. SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding also streamlines progress reporting and other administration, with the ability to manage your Standard Form reporting requirements right from within the system itself.

SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding also empowers you to access your data through a variety of ways, be it through quick List View searches or SmartSimple Cloud’s Report Builder Neo for more robust or granular reporting needs. All of this data can be presented in easy-to-read, exportable formats for easy sharing and reporting.


Standard Forms (SF)

SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding significantly reduces the amount of time and effort needed to complete Standard Forms like the SF-424 Form Families for grant application packages. Completing forms can be automated, where form fields can be auto populated from the data in SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding.

Entirely scalable, you can build and manage any number of forms in SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding. Completed forms are also exportable for easy paper filing and submission.


List Views & Report Builder Neo

SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding can manage the full spectrum of your reporting requirements, from basic to highly detailed and complex.

List Views
If you’re in need of a quick view of a set of records, you can create list views through an easy-to-use query builder. List view queries can be saved, so you don’t have to create a new query for frequently used list views. List views and reports can both be exported into Excel for easy use and sharing.

Report Builder Neo
For more complex or detailed reporting requirements, SmartSimple Cloud’s Report Builder Neo has drag and drop functionality to make it easy and pain free to build even the most complex reports.


Charts & Dashboards

SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding can aggregate data, enabling you to see it all through easy to read charts and interactive dashboards. Every user can even create personal dashboards, giving them the ability to track key metrics most important to them and their role.

Charts and even dashboards themselves can be shared with other users, all of which can be exportable in common file formats like PDF.

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    Having one, central system has made work much less labor-intensive for everyone. The system provides a better audit trail, eliminating the need to go into multiple systems to find all the details we’re looking for.

    Majella Maher

    Programme Manager

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