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SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management

Focus on the impact of your research grant funding rather than the complexities of its administration.

SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management is a scalable, all-in-one research grant administration solution that reduces the administrative burden and complexity of managing foundation, institution and pharmaceutical research funding.

Save time while seamlessly connecting all stakeholders to drive more effective research outcomes

Whether you have a single or multi-stage research grant funding process, SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management empowers you to manage applications seamlessly through automation. With a unified data model, all stakeholders have access to the vital data they need, accessible at any time, ensuring adjudication and monitoring is streamlined for more efficient and effective reviews. Post approval, SmartSimple enables you to stay organized as you disburse your funds, while robust reporting capabilities enable effective outcomes tracking.

Configure Research Grants Management to match your granting processes of any complexity


Track outcomes and publish research results seamlessly with exportable reports


Responsive support whenever you need


Highly ranked as an industry leading solution

Manage all your research grants and mission critical processes on one platform

SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management is a single solution for supporting all your organization’s research grants administration needs. Different modules can be added and modified to augment your functionality, enabling you to tailor your solution to suit your specific requirements.  SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management is powered by SmartSimple’s automation and collaboration platform called SmartSimple Cloud, and it inherits its robust functionality that enables it to address the unique aspects of your research grants administration process.


Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

Effectively manage and organize multiple contacts and the multiple roles they can play, be it researcher, reviewer, scientific board member, across the multiple different organizations they can represent. All information is centralized in one, profile, with information organized based on role and organization.

Reporting and Dashboards

SmartSimple Cloud’s Report Builder provides a robust reporting engine enabling you to report on any outcomes-based data point and create custom reports that can be shared and exported automatically. Personalizable dashboards enable all your users to track the KPIs and milestones most important to their role.

Automation Workflows

SmartSimple Cloud can help streamline your processes by managing even the most complex workflow with branching logic by grant program and triggered automation. Efficiently move more work through your process while eliminating manual or time consuming tasks, all without ever feeling held back on what you can achieve.

Explore SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management's modules

Submission Manager

SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management’s Submission Manager is a centralized module where you track, store, and work with all your grant application information. Role-based data access enables efficient collaboration and ensures that each team member, be it applicant, collaborator, reviewer, or scientific board member is given the right access to the right data. Submission Manager can manage both direct participation of the researcher's organization within the submission process, or indirect participation, where the researcher collaborates directly with the funder.


Reduce the complexity of administering your research grants

  • Stay organized and on top of each milestone, targeted payment and outcomes report for single stage applications processes or complex multi-stage, multi-team and multi-year programs
  • Save time and lessen your administrative burden with triggered workflows that can automate multiple steps in your process

Drive greater efficiency throughout the grant funding process by empowering key stakeholders

  • Streamline data sharing and empower key stakeholders by placing data directly in their hands
  • Have full visibility and control over the data that is shared with stakeholders through role-based data access

Say hello to more seamless collaboration within your granting process

  • Enable multiple applicants and collaborators to access grant applications that they are working on together from any browser anywhere, anytime
  • Simplify the review process for reviewers located around the world with automatic translation of applications

Program Manager

Build and manage program types of any complexity with SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management’s Program Manager. Whether a fellowship, a program for basic research funding, a special project or applied research, you can add any number of program characteristics that reflects the complexity of your grant funding process. Set multi-stage application requirements, multi-year funding schedules, add review and monitoring phases, as well as incorporate additional requirements like ethics board approvals.


Freely build programs that reflect even the most sophisticated funding process

  • Stay organized and on top of each milestone, targeted payment, and outcomes report for single stage applications processes or complex multi stage, multi-team, and multi-year programs
  • Save time and lessen your administrative burden with triggered workflows that can automate multiple steps in your process

Monitor your efficiency while managing the effectiveness of your screening process

  • Fine tune your screening process with easy to create eligibility quizzes for each of your grant programs
  • Tie matching and eligibility criteria to the targeted applicants you specifically invite
  • Track the efficiency of your calls by running summary statistics for insights on the number of applications or applicant composition

Have more control over stakeholder participation for more effective collaboration

  • Assign programs to specific teams or departments to manage and set limits on view and edit permissions based on your assignments
  • Align expertise with applications by routing each to different departments you choose for review

Committee Manager

SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management’s Committee Manager centralizes all your reviewer assignments and scoring efforts into one, easy-to-use module. Within Committee Manager, you can recruit and assign reviewers to different applications based on their expertise and any conflicts of interest. You can also apply your own unique scoring methodology to effectively manage the scoring process from start to finish.


Better leverage your reviewers’ expertise for a more effective review process

  • Centralized and consolidated contact profiles streamline recruiting reviewers for specific applications based their profile criteria
  • Discover’s powerful Attribute Matching feature can further streamline the reviewer selection process, enabling you to find the reviewers that match your criteria in a fraction of time
  • Recruit and assign reviewers based on your own criteria like subject matter expertise and conflicts of interest
  • Split applications across multiple review committees for organizations with more complex review processes

Make better funding decisions with a solution as sophisticated as your scoring methodology

  • Authentically capture every key element of your scoring rubric and track it all within SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management’s Committee Manager
  • Create multiple scoring rubrics across your programs and apply different weightings, scorecard questions, reviewer types, as well as other elements you define

Efficiently organize reviewer participation for a more seamless, coordinated review process

  • Assigned reviewer types – whether primary or secondary – help coordinate the flow of the review stages in less time
  • Keep reviewers organized and on top of their assigned applications through a simple interface, triggered reminders and clear deadlines

Fund Manager

SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management’s Fund Manager enables you to make disbursements from multiple funding sources all while providing you with a detailed audit trail from funding source to grant payment. Set payment schedules, trigger reminders for progress reports on conditional payments and gain the flexibility to pull from multiple funding sources for a single grant payment.


Streamline disbursements while having the flexibility to manage ad-hoc payments

  • The Fund Manager’s payment scheduling capabilities can automate arranging all your grant payments – all you need to do is set the amounts and payment dates
  • Easily coordinate disbursements that are co-funded from multiple funding sources, enabling you to set payments per source
  • Control the flow of all your payments through status changes

Gain complete visibility over the entire audit trail across all your funding sources

  • Easily view approved and disbursed payments by grantee within each grantee record
  • See aggregate disbursements by funding area, remaining fund balances, and disbursement details by transaction
  • Track leveraged funds for disbursements payments that are matched by outside funders

Be more efficient keeping your grantees organized with reporting

  • Set up triggered notifications to remind grantees of pending progress reports waiting submission
  • Monitor the amounts paid and remaining within all your funds, with the ability to track amounts and roll up by fiscal year and more
  • Enable grantees to complete their progress reports directly in SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management or provide the option of uploading their reports in any file formats you specify, including Word, PDF and more

Reporting Research Outcomes

All your data within SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management can be reported on, empowering you with powerful and versatile reporting capabilities to track research outcomes and KPIs. With SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management, you will gain unparalleled visibility across all your research projects with aggregated metrics and interactive data visualization tools to accurately communicate your achievements.


Configurable dashboards that bring your KPIs to life

Empower all your collaborators, awardees, and scientific board members with interactive, data-driven dashboards to summarize the metrics that matter to them most. With the ability to drill down into real-time research program data, every stakeholder in your company’s impact will be kept informed and focused on achieving the outcomes you determine.


Powerful reporting to aggregate all your data points

SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management can manage the full spectrum of your reporting and outcomes requirements, from basic ad hoc queries using List Views to highly complex reports needing more granularity. Powered by SmartSimple Cloud’s robust reporting engine, Report Builder Neo empowers you to create customized reports that can be shared and exported, as well as report on any outcomes-based data point to better quantify your achievements.


Map your collective outcomes and zoom in on every metric

Powered by Google Maps, SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management’s powerful and interactive Impact Map enables you to visualize all your outcomes using geotags to see where all your research funds are going. Filter by grant type, research program, or date to see all your progress, while also sharing specifics like amounts granted, HQP or FTE, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

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