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Regardless of your organization's size and scope, we have flexible options to suit your needs.
SmartSimple's pricing structure has two main components: a one-time implementation fee for the system build, and the ongoing recurring subscription fees for access to the system.

Subscription Fees
Flexible SmartSimple Solutions

We have flexible solutions for organizations with unique process requirements looking for a tailored, personal solution.

High Usage

$210* /per user per month
*For members of your team who access the system more than 40 hours/month.

Low Usage

$80* /per user per month
*For members of your team who access the system less than 40 hours/month.

External Community Group Subscription

$750* /month
*The Community Group Subscription is billed based on the total count of monthly casual users.

Volume discounts apply. *Billed annually in advance

While our pricing options cater to a range of organizational needs, we understand that each organization is unique. If you're looking for a customized pricing structure or have specific budgetary requirements, let's talk. Click below to request a pricing proposal that aligns perfectly with your goals and budget.

Best-of-breed tech for your operations

Organizations are increasingly adopting a best-of-breed approach for their IT strategy, bringing the best technologies together under one roof to unlock greater ROI. Most have an ERP and a CRM system in place to manage finances and contact relationships. SmartSimple Cloud manages a key third aspect that neither ERP nor CRM systems are intended to manage, an organization's complex operational process. Through configuration, SmartSimple Cloud has the flexibility to manage any unique process, while seamlessly connecting your ERP and CRM systems. As one, SmartSimple Cloud enables organizations to optimize all aspects of their tech stack, from their ERP system, CRM system, to everything in-between.

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Our Professional Services

To learn more about our implementation methodology, visit our Deployment and Implementation page.


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