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Grants management software trusted by clients for 20+ years

Maximize efficiency and measurement throughout your grants lifecycle with our highly flexible, all-in-one solution for foundations and grantmakers.

Explore the SmartSimple Cloud solution for efficient and effective grants management. Our intuitive cloud-based platform is designed to streamline every aspect of the grants lifecycle, empowering organizations of all sizes to make a lasting impact on their communities.

Optimize your grantmaking processes for greater impact, no matter your mission

We provide grantmakers with a centralized suite of customizable modules tailored to your needs. The benefits of using our grants management software include:

Improved decision-making

 Create a positive impact in your chosen humanitarian cause, by accessing insights to support informed decision-making and effective allocation of resources.

Enhanced applicant experience

 Increase the likelihood of attracting high quality submissions aligned with your mission and values, by offering applicants a user-friendly and efficient application process.


Provide lasting and long-term outcomes by optimizing your entire grants management process, covering application intake, evaluation, reporting, and communication, resulting in significant time and resource savings.
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Build positive relationships and foster trust and accountability with your communities and stakeholders, by providing real-time access to data, documents, and progress tracking.
Trusted by our global community for over 20 years
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Overcoming grants management challenges with SmartSimple Software


User-friendly interface

Intuitive and interactive making it easy for users of all skill levels.

End-to-end automation

Manage every part of your grants lifecycle, from applying and evaluating to planning budgets and reporting, all in one place.

Customizable workflows

Tailor workflows to match your organization's unique processes, for seamless transition to the system.


Grow with confidence knowing the solution is scalable to meet your organization's changing needs.

Integration capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with other software you rely on, such as financial and CRM tools.

Security and compliance

Rest assured with top-tier data security and compliance features, ensuring your sensitive information is protected at all times.

Key grant tracking features and functionality

Unlock efficiency with our grants management software tailored to your needs.

Automated application processing

This feature streamlines the submission and review of grant applications, significantly reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency. Clients benefit from quicker processing times, ensuring timely decision-making and allocation of funds.

Customizable grant criteria setting

Our solution allows clients to tailor grant criteria to their specific needs. This flexibility ensures that the grants awarded are aligned with the organization's strategic goals and objectives, leading to more impactful and targeted grantmaking.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics

With advanced reporting tools, clients can easily track and analyze grantmaking activities. This feature aids in the assessment of the impact of grants, improves transparency, and supports data-driven decision-making for future grant allocations.

Integrated financial management

Our solution includes tools for budget tracking, financial reporting, and audit trails. This integration simplifies financial oversight, ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, and aids in effective fiscal management of grant funds.

Collaborative review platform

This feature facilitates collaboration among review committees, allowing for shared access to applications, notes, and evaluations. Clients benefit from a more cohesive review process, leading to more informed and collective decision-making in the grant awarding process.

Discover SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management's modules

Program Manager

Control the building and managing of your grantmaking programs, with as much simplicity or complexity as your objectives require.


Develop grant opportunities with greater clarity

Clearly define the criteria, guidelines, and requirements for each opportunity to ensure that applicants have a clear understanding of what is expected. This clarity minimizes confusion and ensures that applications align closely with your goals.

Build links between applications and follow-up actions

Seamlessly transition applications into the appropriate grantmaking process, thereby streamlining the workflow and reducing manual intervention.

Better respond to shifts in grantmaking

Grantmaking priorities can change over time, and the Grant Program Manager allows you to adapt swiftly to shifts in strategic objectives. This agility ensures that you remain responsive to evolving challenges and opportunities in the philanthropic landscape.

Application Manager

Consolidate all your grant opportunities, application forms, and submissions in one location.


Simplify administrative tasks

Easy access to data enables you to quickly locate and review details about past and current grants, applicants, and submissions.

Enhance collaboration

For Internal Staff: Real-time Access and Updates: Team members can access and update information in real-time, facilitating better communication and coordination. This is particularly beneficial in cases where multiple staff members are responsible for different aspects of grant management, ensuring that everyone is working with the most current data and progress can be monitored effectively.

For Applicants/Grantees: Collaborative Workspaces: Applicants and grantees have the ability to invite others to work on their grant applications and submit post-award reports. This collaborative feature fosters transparency and teamwork among applicants and their partners, making it easier to gather necessary information and submit comprehensive grant proposals and reports.


Scale your grant portfolio with Ease

As your organization grows and the grant programs increase, the scalable Grant Application Manager can accommodate changing needs without any significant increase in administrative complexity.

Budget Manager

A Grant Budget Manager serves as a critical component for a grant-making organization by addressing several key business needs:


Earmark allocations and disburse payments

Allocate funds to specific programs, projects, or initiatives, enhancing financial control and accountability and address the need for responsible financial stewardship.

Visualize the flow of funding streams

View an overall picture of your resources and how they are utilized across various programs to ensure that they are aligned with your strategic priorities.

Better complement existing processes

The Grant Budget Manager complements your existing established processes by seamlessly integrating into your organization's workflow, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and reducing the risk of errors or delays.

Schedule and track payments with ease

Simplify this task to ensure that funds are disbursed on time, which is crucial for grantees' financial planning and project execution. It also provides a transparent audit trail for financial accountability.
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Our grants management software helps people help people. Our new AI features makes it simpler than ever.

Discover the future of grant management with SmartSimple Cloud +AI. Our innovative features streamline application processes, enhance decision-making, and increase transparency, all powered by advanced AI technology.

+AI Transcription

Instantly convert media to text or subtitles in English, supporting 98 languages. Ideal for global use, enhancing accessibility and review processes.

+AI Directive

Recognize entities and analyze text on-demand. Automatically fill fields, summarize, and translate, aligning with program goals. 

+AI Vision

Upload images for AI to analyze and answer specific questions, streamlining content review. Supports major image formats, ideal for efficient data processing.

Get AI-nspired

Download a copy of our AI lookbook

Success with SmartSimple Cloud

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    The Foundation’s number of received applications increased from 217 to 389 – almost an 80% increase! Now with the workflows built into our system on SmartSimple Cloud, we have more time to read our LOI forms and give great feedback.

    Katrina Ashley

    Senior Grants Manager

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    The SmartSimple team really listened to what we wanted and needed in a grants management system. They offered the flexibility and accessibility we were looking for and at a reasonable price. Our applicants also praise the system, finding that completing their applications is so much easier and involves a lot less work than with GIFTS.

    Kim Thao

    Operations Director

Our grants management system has specifically designed partnerships to cater to the needs of funders, ensuring seamless and efficient operations. Find out more in the SmartSimple Marketplace.

Manage all your grantmaking and business processes on one grant tracking system with seamless integrations

We know that no organization uses just one tool or one application anymore. That’s why we’ve integrated the most used applications by grantmakers. So whether you want to simplify grantee registration, sign a document, or map out your grants by location, you can do it all within our grants management software.

By seamlessly connecting various applications and tools within a unified ecosystem, we empower businesses to leverage these integrations, with benefits of productivity, efficiency and data-driven decision making.

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E-Signature integration

SmartSimple has seamlessly integrated an industry-standard e-signature solution into our grant management process. This integration allows for swift and secure electronic signing of grant agreements, expediting the execution of contracts and reducing administrative overhead. This, in turn, accelerates the commencement of impactful projects.
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Finance systems integrations

Our grants management platform seamlessly integrates with established finance systems, streamlining payment processes. This ensures that grant disbursements are executed with precision and timeliness. Through this integration, we prioritize the financial health of our grant recipients, enhancing their ability to execute projects effectively.

SmartSimple Cloud has several import/export techniques available as well as a clear and documented schema supporting integrations with financial packages/accounting systems such as Sage Intacct, internal systems, other databases/data warehouses/data lakes, CRM software, HR systems and websites.

Transform your philanthropic giving with SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management

Schedule a personalized demo to see how our all-in-one solution can improve your granting.