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Specialty Services Teams

Expert teams specializing in areas like Analytics, Automation, and Security to enhance your platform's functionalities.

SmartSimple's Specialty Services Teams (SSTs) consist of specialists that have been trained to solve unique support challenges that require a high degree of expertise in a specific subject matter. 

These teams provide the next layer of support for complex tickets that need special attention beyond what our standard support services provide.

Consisting of six teams with specific expertise of the SmartSimple Cloud system - Analytics, Automation, Infrastructure, Integration, Security, UI / UX - they enable us to scale the support we can offer in specific support areas.


The Analytics team specializes in all aspects of reporting using existing SmartSimple Cloud functionality. This includes the reporting subsystem, graphing and charting constructs, geocoding and mapping constructs, and data reports through all channels.


The Automation team provides deep expertise on all automation components of SmartSimple Cloud. These features include Workflow subsystem, Scripting engine, MS Word and MS Excel integration features, and Autoloader.


The initial focus of the Infrastructure team is support, and where required, for the T2P tool and the related servers.


The Integration team provides SmartSimple Cloud integration capabilities expertise, including support of all Marketplace products, support of the JSON API, SSO, and MFA authentication features.


The Security team provides expertise for in system security features, including system security review and analysis, promoting security best practices with the client community.


The UI / UX team focuses on aspects of branding, usability, and function. This team will provide support to ensure clients have great interaction and experience with their SmartSimple system.

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