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SmartSimple Customer Support: Call Recording Policy

SmartSimple Software Inc. uses a telecommunications system that is capable of recording telephone calls/conversations. This is a standard business practice used by many organizations that allows the recording of telephone calls for quality assurance, training, compliance and security purposes.

SmartSimple Software Inc. monitors and records inbound and outbound calls that are placed and/or received by our Customer Support team. We do not record calls on any other extensions in our directory. These recordings will be used solely for the purposes specified in this policy and retained for no more than six (6) months.

SmartSimple Software Inc. will ensure that the use of these recordings comply with the requirements of the relevant legislation, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).


Calls made to our Customer Support Specialists may be recorded by SmartSimple Software Inc. and as such, all incoming calls are prompted with a pre-recorded announcement. Employees are responsible for notifying users of call monitoring on all outgoing calls. Under normal circumstances, a call will not be retrieved or monitored unless:

  • Investigating a complaint
  • Part of management 'spot checks' to ensure customer experience standards are being met;
  • There is a threat to the health and safety of staff or visitors, or for the prevention or detection of a crime;
  • In order to remain in compliance with regulatory procedures; or
  • For training and coaching purposes. However, this will only be permitted if caller anonymity can be upheld and the employee party gives consent.

Supervisors who conduct service monitoring will leave the line immediately if they monitor a call which appears to be personal or confidential in nature.

SmartSimple Software Inc. recommends personal calls be made on secured lines, and will accommodate employees with private call facilities, within reasonable limits.

Collecting Information

Personal data collected in the course of recording activities will be processed fairly and lawfully in accordance with PIPEDA. It will be:

  • Adequate, relevant and moderate in nature;
  • Used solely for the purpose(s) stated in this policy and not for any other purposes;
  • Available only to Executive and Customer Support Management, with employee consent Treated confidentially;
  • Stored securely; and
  • Securely destroyed once the issue(s) in question have been resolved, at a maximum retention period of six (6) months.

Access of Information

Recorded material will only be made accessible to Executive and Customer Support Management whom have acknowledged the call recording policy.

At this time, the following staff have administrative access to the entire call records:

  • Executive-level representatives,
  • Customer Support leadership staff, as appropriate,
  • IT staff providing server and networking support,
  • Customer Support Specialists (can only access their own extension’s recordings).

Sharing of Information

All access is restricted to company devices on SmartSimple’s secured network, within the Toronto Office facility. All users will be provided with a user name and password with which to access calls.

  • Investigating a complaint;
  • Part of management ‘spot checks’ to ensure customer experience standards are being met or;
  • There is a threat to the health and safety of staff or visitors, or for the prevention or detection of a crime.

Advising Callers of Recording

Where call recording equipment is used, all incoming calls are prompted with a pre-recorded announcement on the line informing the caller of the monitoring/recording. The caller then has the opportunity to consent by remaining on the line, or hanging up.

If the caller does not wish to be recorded or the call is of a personal nature, the call recording may be stopped by the Customer Support Specialist. Alternatively, they may call or email the Director of Operations and Client Support at 416.591.1668 x105 or email