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SmartSimple > Research Management
Research Management (RMS360°)
SmartSimple for Research Management
Serkan - Senior Business Analyst
Whether you're a research foundation, institution, or a government agency funding research, SmartSimple's RMS360° empowers users to manage every aspect of research management from a single system.

Learn more about our RMS360° and our GMS360° on the Product Guide.
Efficient - Less work and faster processing for researchers, co-applicants, research office staff, peer and panel reviewers with everyone having access to the same system.
Effective - On-line Budgeting ensures accuracy and better analysis.
Smart Integration - Researchers appreciate saving time by having full access to publication history through PubMed, Agricola and other databases. Researchers in Canada Common CV data can be used to create researcher.
Case Study: Research Management
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Case Study: Research Management
The Ontario Centres of Excellence
Case Study: Research Management
The Innovation Synergy Centre
What level of Security does SmartSimple Offer?
Your data is protected in many ways. Our servers are protected in secure bunker type hosting facilities (certified to SAS70 standards). System access is protected through the use of banking standard SSL encryption, hard disk encryption and optional two-factor authentication. All system access is role based and controls what the user can see, down to the single field level. For clients that opt for a Managed Server Solution a live backup is provided at the client designated hosting location.
How can I be sure SmartSimple can be trusted with our data?
SmartSimple is a trusted provider to many medical and financial services organizations. We are annually audited by Deloitte to ensure our compliance with CSAE 3416 (CICA 5970) "trust" standards.
Can we send and receive emails from SmartSimple?
Yes, plus the email can be routed through your email server to avoid it being designated as spam.
North American SaaS Pricing
Core User
High Usage

Core User - High Usage - Administrative and other key users associated with the internal organization and using the system (logged in) more than 40 hours in any given month.

Core (High Usage) - Program/Project Managers, Analysts

Core User
Low Usage

Core User - Low Usage - Administrative and other key users associated with the internal organization and using the system (logged in) less than 40 hours in any given month.

Core (Low Usage) - Reviewers

Entire Community

External Group License - Casual users such grant applicants, external reviewers or client employees who are not core users. These users are not billed by actual usage but by concurrent usage. Note "Concurrent users" are defined as users who are logged in simultaneously to the system. A client can have any number of users in the group but will only pay for the maximum concurrent users in any given month.

External - Research Body administrators, Primary and Co-Investigators, Partners

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Configuration Fees

* Volume discounts available
† Starting from

Contact emea@smartsimple.com for pricing outside of North America.
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