Research Grants Management Solutions

Research Funders use RMS360° to manage all aspects of their programs and grants, from drafting the initial proposal to final funding.

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RMS 360#176 Research Management Solutions

RMS360° in Action

Use SmartSimple’s RMS360° to administer

Research Grants

  • Feature rich and configurable portals for Grants Managers, Program Officers, Reviewers, Scientific Advisory Board Members, Finance Managers, Researchers and Grantees.
  • Robust pre-screening including program eligibility and integration with ORCID™, optional access by Institution Research Office staff.
  • Powerful, configurable application forms, including multi-stage forms, conditional questions, on-line budgets, form version control and sophisticated form validation.
  • Scored review forms with weighted averages and multi-stage review processes, Conflict of Interest declaration.
  • Creation of all grant related documentation from templates, including optional e-signature for all documents.
  • Automated creation of all post award activities including, payment schedules, technical and financial reports and outcomes.
  • Management of No Cost Extensions and Budget Reallocations.
  • Automated Alerts and reminders for all processes and forms and a complete audit trail including field value changes.

Panel Management

  • Invite and roster reviewers into one or more panels.
  • Match reviewers and assign roles based on reviewer interests and expertise and monitor for potential conflicts.
  • Generate meeting agendas and provide alerts and reminders.
  • Generation of meeting specific documentation.
  • Record meeting minutes and generate minutes documents.
  • Manage honorariums and expense claims for panel participants.

Research Outcomes

  • Track Key Performance Indicators such as Publications, Patents, Collaborations, Conferences and FTE counts.
  • Aggregation of metrics to the call and program level for key stakeholders such as funding sponsors, government and the public.
  • Representation of impact though the use of geographical mapping.

Program Management

  • Create and manage any number of programs including invite only and open competitions and within each program manage program calls.
  • One or more sponsors can be affiliated with each program or call.
  • Allocate funds from one or more program budgets to each grant, track funding from a grant or a program perspective.

Research Office

  • Optional Institute Research Office Portal access.
  • Research Office monitoring of application process from pre-submission to funded.
  • Post award grant management including financial reporting.
Connecting to the rest of the World

SmartSimple connects seamlessly with a wide range of services:


Maintained by The Library of Congress, PubMed is a virtual library of more than 23 million documents on biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals and online books, providing instant access to invaluable information for research foundations and scientific researchers.


Applicants and researchers can import their Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) profiles directly into SmartSimple, ensuring accuracy and saving time – no need to re-enter your information.


Common CV (CCV) allows applicants to maintain all their CV data in a single, centralized Canadian repository, and can instantly be uploaded to SmartSimple.

Google Maps

Gain visual insight into where applicants work to gain better perspective on funding.

Google Translate

Google's online translation service instantly converts text in more than 80 languages.


SmartSimple’s Signority service solution gives you the ability to sign documents online without paper or pens.

North American SaaS Pricing

Our unique pricing model is designed to provide maximum transparency and value. See exactly how much your team is using SmartSimple and only pay for what you actually use each month.

High Usage

For members of your team who access the system more than 40 hours per month.

$98 /month

Low Usage

For members of your team who access the system less than 40 hours per month.

$16 /month

Mostly external, these casual users are billed by concurrent usage. Note "Concurrent users" are defined as users who are logged in simultaneously to the system.


*Note pricing may be higher for employee giving and employee volunteerism programs.

Configuration Fees

Configuration fees are based on the complexity and functionality required. See our matrix for guidelines on pricing information.

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