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    SmartSimple Aspire for Scholarship Management

    Aspire for Scholarship Management
    Powered by Platform3

    Maximize efficiency and measurement throughout your award lifecycle with our highly flexible, all-in-one solution for scholarship providers.

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    From scholarship applications and award matching to approvals and reporting, Aspire is a comprehensive scholarship management solution to simplify collaboration and streamline your entire award process – no matter the complexity or scale of your programs. Whether you’re a foundation or Higher Education institution, Aspire empowers all your stakeholders with a centralized suite of configurable modules to meet every requirement, all powered by our highly flexible cloud platform called Platform3.

    Maximize your award funds while saving all your applicants, administrators and reviewers time.

    Aspire is created with a suite of highly configurable modules that can be easily tailored to meet all the unique requirements and processes within your award and financial aid programs. You choose to include, add or modify as much or as little of Aspire as needed to ensure it authentically supports your processes the way you want.

    Make changes quickly and on the fly icon

    Configure Discover to match your granting processes of any complexity

    Aspire was designed to be flexible at its core, meaning nearly every aspect of your system can be adapted or changed as needed. Built on SmartSimple's configurable platform, Platform3, your teams will be empowered to adapt with greater agility and at far less cost.

    Matching applicants to awards made simple icon

    Matching applicants to awards made simple

    Aspire’s Award Matching feature helps to save significant administrative time spent manually matching the right candidates to the right award opportunities. Your applicants will also spend less time searching through your opportunities that aren’t a fit with their expertise, academic merit, or interests.

    Review and award applicants even faster icon

    Review and award applicants even faster

    Give your reviewers a more intuitive, accessible, and convenient way to review submissions from anywhere, anytime. Aspire can accommodate and improve your review processes to help you make approvals and award applicants even faster.

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    Responsive support whenever you need

    We believe that incredible work can’t be done without the help of others along the way, which is why we take client support very seriously. SmartSimple is the only scholarship management solution provider offering live technical support over the phone, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

    Manage all your scholarship awards and business processes on one platform

    Aspire is an all-in-one solution powered by SmartSimple’s Platform3 technology that’s designed to help you manage your scholarship award process exactly the way you want. With all its components being modularized, you’re able to uniquely tailor Aspire to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re a foundation administering a simple scholarship program, or are a Higher Education institution managing financial aid opportunities like bursaries or government loans with granular criteria, everything can be managed under one roof.

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    Explore Aspire's modules

    Application Manager icon

    Application Manager

    Streamline every step in your submission process while aligning all your staff and applicants with the information they need.

    Award & Financial Aid Manager icon

    Award & Financial Aid Manager

    Manage all your scholarship and financial aid opportunities, including bursaries, work-study programs, government loans and more.

    Fund Manager icon

    Fund Manager

    Seamlessly track all your scholarship and award funds from any number of funding sources all in one place.

    Review Manager icon

    Review Manager

    Simplify onboarding and assigning reviewers, scoring applications, and reporting on results for faster reviews from anywhere.

    Benefit from the SmartSimple ecosystem

    We offer an ecosystem from which implementation and consulting partners are building solutions around that includes a growing marketplace of applications and services that extend functionality and can connect other key business processes under one-central platform.

    We are partners in the success of your scholarship award process
    Science Foundation Ireland
    Massachusetts Life Sciences Center
    SickKids Foundation
    Genome Alberta
    Harrington Discovery Institute
    Marine Institute of Ireland
    Child Development Institute

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