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    SmartSimple Amplify for Grantmaking

    Amplify for Grantmaking

    Explore our success stories from grantmakers at foundations, arts & cultural councils, public charities, and more

    Annenberg Foundation

    How the Annenberg Foundation accelerated its grantmaking to capture the vital work of grantees across the US and world.

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    Edmonton Community Foundation client success story

    How Edmonton Community Foundation revamped and standardized its grantmaking with automation and configurable user portals.

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    Two South Asian girls on bicycles

    How Girls First Fund scaled its international grantmaking with a more flexible, intuitive, and all-in-one grants management system.

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    ALIPH Foundation

    How newly formed ALIPH Foundation launched an easy-to-use grantmaking system in only 2 months to support its global mission.

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    Rotary International

    Multilingual access and seamless integrations for Rotary International.

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    New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

    How The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation simplified their complex grants and scholarship management process.

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    Feeding America

    How Feeding America centralized and streamlined their grants management workflow into one comprehensive platform.

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    Helios Education Foundation

    How Helios Education created a versatile, cloud-based grants management system that elevated their reporting capabilities.

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    Bader Philanthropies Inc.

    How Bader Philanthropies created a stress-free grants management process through automating their workflow.

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    Vancouver Foundation

    How Vancouver Foundation created an efficient process to maximize its grant funding.

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    City of Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture

    How the City of Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture gained greater efficiency, agility and resiliency with SmartSimple.

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    California Arts Council

    How SmartSimple's Platform enabled the California Arts Council to grow and scale beyond boundaries.

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    Ohio Arts Council

    How the Ohio Arts heightened their grants management security and process transparency in one comprehensive platform.

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    Toronto Arts Council

    How Toronto Arts Council cut down on paper and data entry time while upping their reporting capabilities.

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    Grand Rapids Community Foundation

    How the Grand Rapids Community Foundation created a versatile grants management platform that improved their customer service and user experience.

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    Irving Harris Foundation

    How the Irving Harris Foundation elevated their customer support service offerings through a modernized Grants Management System.

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    Robins Foundation

    How Robins Foundation modernized their granting process for robust reporting.

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    Pohlad Family Foundation

    How Pohlad Family Foundation created created a more secure, paperless Grants Management System.

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    Georgia Family Connection Partnership

    Superior scalability and flexibility for evolving processes increases self-sufficiency for Georgia Family Connection Partnership.

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    GROW Central Florida

    How the GROW Central Florida Program turned from passion project to a highly-recognized organization in 6 months.

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    The Harvest Foundation

    The Harvest Foundation talks about why they chose SmartSimple as its grants management software.

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    Wallace Foundation

    The Wallace Foundation talks about why they chose SmartSimple as its grants management software.

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    Marguerite Casey Foundation

    The Marguerite Casey Foundation talks about why they chose SmartSimple as its grants management software.

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