Corporate Giving

Amplify your philanthropic impact in communities. Discover an all-in-one enterprise solution built to streamline corporate giving programs and maximize philanthropic impact.

Focus on delivering impact, not on managing your process.

SmartSimple Corporate Giving is a single end-to-end solution that takes the complexity out of managing diverse corporate giving programs, so companies can focus on delivering lasting change.


Our solution to your unique processes and remove bottlenecks by automating manual, labor intensive tasks.


How your corporate giving programs are managed, tracked and reported on with the visibility you need.


Your data with the most stringent security and compliance standards available in the cloud.

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Corporate Giving Programs

Foundation Granting

Foundation Granting

Lessen administrative tasks with workflows to manage submissions and approvals, deploy branded communications, and disburse payments with a comprehensive audit trail. Powerful, integrated reporting simplifies communicating your impact story with anyone in your company and beyond.

Community Giving

Community Giving

Collaborate more efficiently with staff, applicants, and the broader community with robust CRM tools. Spend less time managing the process and more time delivering positive change to the local causes that matter most.

Disaster Relief Grants

Disaster Relief Grants

Quickly create local and global disaster relief grants to mobilize funds when disaster strikes, providing aid to organizations first to respond.

In-kind Giving

In-kind Giving

Easily track, manage, and deploy requests for in-kind contributions of any type, whether they be inventories, services or funds.

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate Sponsorships

Efficiently route, review, and approve sponsorship requests based on corporate policies and guidelines. Measure ROI from event participation, media coverage, and volunteer or employee stories. And more...

Powerful Features

To streamline your corporate giving programs

Future Ready Technology icon

Future Ready Technology

Address current and future requirements of your philanthropic programs. SmartSimple Corporate Giving is a completely configurable solution, meaning built-in flexibility to adapt to your changing needs, at far less cost.

Personalized Portals icon

Personalized Portals

Administer role or attribute-based portals to every stakeholder in your corporate giving programs, empowering them with the information and functionality they need.

Comprehensive Charity Vetting icon

Robust Reporting

Aggregate data across programs to capture the full impact of your philanthropic efforts by grant, geographic region, department, facility or division.

Robust Reporting icon

Comprehensive Charity Vetting

Speed up the vetting process and protect your reputation with background checks retrieved directly from government and trusted third-party databases. SmartSimple partners with CAF America to deliver the most detailed and comprehensive vetting for international grantmaking.

Rich Integrations icon

Rich Integrations

SmartSimple integrates with your existing enterprise applications, including financial, CRM and ERP systems, and offers electronic signatures.

A Global Solution icon

A Global Solution

Deploy your corporate giving programs to the entire world with unlimited multi-language and multi-currency support.

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