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    Features: Goals Tracking

    Track goals effectively against all your corporate social responsibility and giving efforts.

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    SmartSimple Cloud for Corporate Social Responsibility’s Goals Tracking capability is entirely unique, enabling you to adopt industry-standard frameworks like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or your own for tracking progress on your collective impact. Define the goals that matter to your organization most across all your corporate and employee giving, grantmaking, and volunteerism efforts.

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    Track the metrics most important to the goals you’ve set

    Implement your own goals for more effective and relevant outcomes measurement across your entire organization and giving programs. Whether it's cubic meters of water saved, number of trees planted, or pounds of food donated, SmartSimple Cloud for Corporate Social Responsibility can track and report on any unique metric needed to measure the outcomes that matter to you and your stakeholders most.

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    Configurable reporting for visualizing your progress

    Every data point within SmartSimple Cloud for Corporate Social Responsibility can be reported on, enabling you with access to meaningful metrics to measure your responsibility and giving goals against. Our Neo Report Builder’s drag-and-drop interface empowers your team to create highly detailed and complex reports that will cut to the heart of the metrics you’re looking for.

    Connect your data across your organization’s footprint

    Seamlessly feed your giving and goal data into other enterprise systems and software like Excel. For more sophisticated analysis, you can effortlessly pull your data into business intelligence tools such as Power BI or Tableau with our SmartConnect API and OData (Open Data Protocol) connectors.

    Manage all your corporate philanthropy and workplace giving programs on one platform

    SmartSimple Cloud for Corporate Social Responsibility is a single platform for supporting all your social good needs. Giving types are modularized, enabling you to tailor SmartSimple Cloud for Corporate Social Responsibility to suit your specific requirements. Whether you administer a stand-alone granting program, or a full suite of global corporate and employee giving initiatives, everything can be managed under one roof.

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    Corporate Giving

    Take the complexity out of managing diverse corporate giving programs while ensuring your grantmaking dollars go to the best qualified and effective organizations.

    About Corporate Giving

    Employee Giving

    Streamline every step in your employee workplace giving programs, so you can better align your company’s values with the generosity of your people.

    About Employee Giving

    Volunteer Management

    Free your teams from the logistics of managing volunteer programs and focus on engaging your people to drive real impact in the community.

    About Volunteer Management

    Matching Gifts

    Make the matched giving experience even easier and rewarding for your employees with a streamlined, easy-to-administer program that follows your guidelines and matching ratios.

    About Matching Gifts

    Employee Volunteer Grants

    Inspire and further incentivize your employees for taking action on the causes most important to them with a streamlined Dollars for Doers program that's easier to administer.

    About Employee Volunteer Grants

    Fundraising & Donations

    Simplify launching, promoting, and measuring your company’s fundraising efforts in any language or currency.

    About Fundraising & Donations

    In-kind Giving

    Focus more on the impact your in-kind giving program can provide instead of the challenges that come from administering it end-to-end.

    About In-kind Giving


    Take your sponsorships to the next level by delivering more community impact to your partners and their causes.

    About Sponsorships

    Employee Assistance Funds

    Support your people in times of financial hardship through an Employee Assistance Fund.

    About Employee Assistance Funds

    Reporting Impact

    Measure the collective impact of your contributions with robust reports, dashboards, and maps using real-time data.

    About Reporting Impact

    Goals Tracking

    Effectively track all your CSR and company-wide giving efforts against goals, such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    About Goals Tracking

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