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Helios Education Foundation

The Helios team was dealing with a cumbersome system that had no remote access for their people working in the field. Aggregating data to report on outcomes or results was difficult and sometimes not possible. Most of the staff didn’t understand how the system worked as nothing was intuitive. By implementing SmartSimple and working closely with their committed support team, members of the Helios team finally had a system their entire organization could use to collaborate and build comprehensive, detailed reports.

Key Stats

Client Name: Helios Education Foundation

SmartSimple Client Since: 2013

Type of Giving: Grants

Dollars Granted: $17.4 million in 2016

Old System: Outdated database-type product stored on in-house server

Key Pain Points: No remote access, difficult to pull out data, no proper tracking system for documentation and no intuitive reporting option

New System Must-Haves: Accessible outside the office, web-based, complete program tracking and robust reporting features

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We’ve gone from a system only four people used to a truly organizational tool. The SmartSimple platform is ideal for increasing efficiencies, but it’s so much more than that. It’s built for tracking engagements, contracts, and users, making it absolutely invaluable for managing our grants and other activities.

Linda Thompson, Senior Vice President and Chief Impact Officer