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    Client Story

    Merz North America

    A flexible, easily configurable platform demonstrates its true value for Merz North America.

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    Type of giving

    • Medical Education Grants
    • Corporate Charitable Giving
    • Commercial Sponsorships and Exhibits
    • Investigator-Initiated Research

    Old system

    Excel spreadsheets

    SmartSimple product/services

    Key pain points

    • Paper-based documentation process
    • Manual signature
    • Payment request processes

    New system must-haves

    • Eco-friendly, paperless process
    • Compliance and legal audit readiness
    • Online grant application, review, and approval processes

    At a glance

    Merz North America, Inc., wanted to create a more efficient, innovative solution to continue building exceptional customer relationships. Their ultimate goal was to create a centralized system that was intuitive to use for all internal and external users. With SmartSimple, Merz discovered the advantages of an online grant application process and a clear, completely trackable audit trail. Their office is now paper-free, and their approval process is completely automated, improving efficiencies and enabling them to approve and distribute funding more quickly and easily than before.

    Photo of a woman at meeting - Merz North America's granting program

    About Merz North America

    Founded in 1908, the Merz Pharma Group is a family owned company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Merz North America operations specializes in the development of innovative treatment solutions in aesthetics and neurosciences. Merz North America’s granting program administers funding for commercial program support, medical education, corporate charitable giving, and investigator-initiated research.

    Photo of a employees looking t laptop computer - Automation with the SmartSimple platform

    Opportunities for the integration of automation

    Prior to working with SmartSimple, Merz North America has explored the possibility of integrating with an automated platform. “We were looking for an innovative solution to grow and develop efficiencies,” says Michael Hall, Senior Manager of Grants & Giving, Systems and Analytics. “Manual internal application reviews, check requests and electronic signature capture were areas of opportunity for increased automation.”

    Photo of a lab technician at Merz - Merz's Grants and Giving portal

    Merz North America’s desire was to continue to improve and positively impact its relationships with scientific, educational and charitable communities. “We wanted to ensure that users of our Grants and Giving portal would experience a simple, easy-tounderstand process while submitting their requests. We also wanted to optimize our opportunities for creating a presence as a corporate sponsor for various events.”


    “Sharing our SmartSimple experience with other Merz departments and affiliates has helped us demonstrate our value and commitment to live our vision to become the most admired, trusted and innovative company for our customers. We've also been able to illustrate how the SmartSimple platform might be used in other areas of the organization.”

    Michael Hall, Senior Manager of Grants & Giving, Systems and Analysis,
    Merz North America, Inc.

    Photo of hands holding a tablet - invest in an automated granting system

    A large corporation with unique, complex system requirements

    The organization felt it was time to invest in an automated granting system to create efficiencies and bring value to the entire process. “As both a specialty healthcare company and a granting organization, we had some pretty unique requirements for a grants and giving program.”

    Photo of woman in meeting - SmartSimple's platform is flexible and has extensive features

    After reviewing several options, SmartSimple’s flexibility, extensive features, and platform flexibility won the Merz team over. “While many others offered very nice out-of-the-box products, none of them had the level of configurability SmartSimple offered. It was clear this was a platform that would provide value to the team while allowing for future growth.”

    “The specialty healthcare industry is constantly changing, so having a system where we could easily add features and functionality as we needed was a valuable benefit.”

    Michael Hall

    “It was clear this was a platform that would provide value to the team while allowing for future growth.”

    Michael Hall, Senior Manager of Grants & Giving, Systems and Analysis,
    Merz North America, Inc.

    Photo of hand skincare - SmartSimple Implementation

    A specialized team to meet specialized needs

    “We kicked off the project by sitting down with our SmartSimple project manager to discuss our needs and what we hoped to accomplish with our system. Based on our needs, SmartSimple created a project plan for us that was personalized, well designed and easy to implement. The implementation team was very responsive to our concerns, questions, and ideas. Anytime we brought up an issue it was addressed quickly and handled professionally.”

    Photo of Merz employees - Automation of grants and giving activities

    “The complete automation of Merz North America’s grants and giving activities has vastly improved efficiencies for everyone on the team, and created an innovative Grants & Giving portal.”

    Michael Hall

    “Based on our needs, SmartSimple created a project plan for us that was personalized, well designed, and easy to implement.”

    Michael Hall, Senior Manager of Grants & Giving, Systems and Analysis,
    Merz North America, Inc.

    Photo of merz employees - Seamless integration

    Seamless integration for improved processing

    “We’ve also successfully used SmartSimple’s integration with an online document signing platform that gives us the ability to send documents via email for electronic signatures. Having online signature capture has been a huge time saver; it’s an incredibly valuable integration for us. SmartSimple has taken an immense administrative burden off of our shoulders.”

    Photo of a Merz meeting - SmartSimple platform is user-friendly

    “The SmartSimple team has been responsive and we enjoy collaborating with them,” concludes Michael. “They focus on teamwork and finding workable solutions. We love how the platform can be molded and tweaked to make it even more user-friendly. The Technical Community Support team has been wonderful, always working with us to find an optimal solution, and they always offer options when we present a problem. Others across our organization who have only ever associated our team with granting are now talking about us as a valued partner in the business, helping to create new opportunities for everyone.”

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