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The Toronto Arts Council (TAC) had been processing grants manually. Application deadlines would run late due to the sheer volume of data entry required, and the review process was generating literally boxes of paper. With SmartSimple, TAC was able to cut down significantly on the amount of paper they used and eliminated nearly all data entry work. With everything automatically tracked by contact in the system, they were also able to keep tabs on every single communication, eliminating concerns that emails or reports were past due or missing. They also worked with SmartSimple to create an interactive mapping feature that shows where their funds are being used to boost stakeholder transparency.

Key Stats

Client Name: Toronto Arts Council

SmartSimple Client Since: 2013

Type of Giving: Grants

Dollars Managed: $18 million annually

Old System: Manual

Key Pain Points: Too much paper being generated, too much time spent on manual data entry, no way to properly track communications

New System Must-Haves: Detailed communications tracking, reduction in paper files, less time on manual processing, more granular reporting capabilities

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With communications features like group email and system-generated emails that are automatically saved, we have a complete record of each interaction with our applicants and clients. Every point of contact is attached to each individual’s record in SmartSimple, so even when there is staff turnover, no historic knowledge is lost as everything is safely stored in our system.

Andrew Suri, Director, Grants Management