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    Discover Government Funding’s Modules: Application Manager

    Streamline administration and simplify the grant submission process for your applicants.

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    SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding’s Application Manager module enables you to manage the entire grant application process from one place. It centralizes all application-related information to simplify data-sharing among the diverse stakeholders involved in your process, whether grantor, grantee, recipients or their subrecipients. Role-based data access (RBAC) gives you a secure yet easy way to coordinate who has access to what data, be it grant opportunities, application and review forms, and submissions.

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    Tailor SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding to suit your unique grant application process

    Configure the Application Manager module to support single or multiple application and review stages unique to your process

    • Pre-screen the field of eligible applicants with eligibility quizzes and vet applicants against the IRS database, via EIN search or other watchlists and databases
    • Set your own application statuses to authentically reflect your actual process workflow
    • Create payment schedules by date, specify each payment amount, and set automatic payments or submitted pending approval
    Screenshot of applicant and grantee data in SmartSimple Cloud

    Centralize all your applicant and grantee data

    Application history, organizational information and contact details available at your fingertips

    • Organization and contact profiles link directly to your grants for a singular source of information
    • Generate granting agreements with data populated from each award
    • Manage and store activities including reimbursements within each grant for comprehensive documentation
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    Simplify the application process and reduce errors and bottlenecks

    Spend less time on administration and support by creating a clear, easy to follow application process

    • Program details can be linked directly to your agency’s website, so that potential applicants can review the application criteria prior to self-registering
    • Applicants can review available programs and commence the application process from within their own unique portal
    • Improve communication through triggered notifications to streamline support for applicants during the process

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    “Documenting communication has been helpful. We can forward emails and make notes, and our invoicing process has been a complete shift in transparency.”

    Jerry Noviello
    Program Manager

    Manage all your grantmaking and government processes on one platform

    SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding is an all-in-one solution that’s designed to help you manage your funding and granting programs exactly the way you want. With all its components being modularized, you’re able to uniquely tailor SmartSimple Cloud to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re a municipal, state, or federal agency, everything can be administered on our highly configurable and secure platform.

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    Discover SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding's modules

    Panel Manager icon

    Panel Manager

    Lessen the administrative burden of managing review meetings and coordinating panel or committee reviews.

    Program Manager icon

    Program Manager

    Simplify administering your grant programs and effectively manage each program’s unique requirements.

    Source Funds Manager icon

    Source Funds Manager

    Manage the source fund acquisition process and maintain oversight over the flow of funds.

    Budget Manager icon

    Budget Manager

    Seamlessly track grant allocations and disburse payments from any number of funding streams.

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    See SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding's Application Manager module in action

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