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    Discover Government Funding’s Modules: Program Manager

    Streamline administering your grant programs and effectively manage each program’s unique requirements from one, central module.

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    SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding’s Program Manager module enables you to create program types that reflect your unique funding objectives. Any number of programs can be defined with the ability to set selection and outcomes criteria. All applicant data is pulled in directly from SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding’s Application Manager module and is aggregated with the Program Manager module, enabling you to see a full snapshot of program metrics, including application count and the total value of application budgets.

    Screenshot of data in a Program Manager within SmartSimple Cloud

    Better align grant program requirements with your funding priorities

    Easily create grant types or program areas, including loans, while effectively capturing program requirements

    • Create different call types, be it open or closed, or invitation only solicitations
    • Define any number of custom fields, supported file types for upload with applications and project budgets for each program
    • Manage multiple call cycles with varying start and end dates, minimum and maximum grant amounts and more
    • Set up loan repayment calculations and unique conditions for forgivable loans
    Screenshot of granting metrics within SmartSimple Cloud

    Have greater transparency around grant program metrics

    Gain insight around program performance and participations

    • Create grant reports that roll up to calculate program-level outcomes
    • Track application metrics by program like application count, total value of application budgets submitted
    • Sync all your related grant applications, budgets, and meetings to your grantmaking programs
    Screenshot of program details in SmartSimple Cloud

    Better respond to shifts in your grantmaking

    Save time creating new programs or pivoting existing initiatives as your funding strategy evolves or changes

    • Create rapid response programs without being held back by administrative burden
    • Implement changes quickly to existing programs to pivot and realign with changing program objectives

    Blair Dimock photo

    “Now with the ability to pivot and make changes as we need to, we’re better equipped today to handle a situation like COVID-19 and adapt to any changes that come our way.”

    Blair Dimock
    Vice President of Partnerships and Measurement

    Manage all your grantmaking and government processes on one platform

    SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding is an all-in-one solution that’s designed to help you manage your funding and granting programs exactly the way you want. With all its components being modularized, you’re able to uniquely tailor SmartSimple Cloud to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re a municipal, state, or federal agency, everything can be administered on our highly configurable and secure platform.

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    Discover SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding's modules

    Application Manager icon

    Application Manager

    Streamline administration and simplify the grant submission process for your applicants.

    Panel Manager icon

    Panel Manager

    Lessen the administrative burden of managing review meetings and coordinating panel or committee reviews.

    Source Funds Manager icon

    Source Funds Manager

    Manage the source fund acquisition process and maintain oversight over the flow of funds.

    Budget Manager icon

    Budget Manager

    Seamlessly track grant allocations and disburse payments from any number of funding streams.

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    See SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding's Program Manager module in action

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