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    Discover Government Funding’s Modules: Source Funds Manager

    Connect source funding and subrecipient grant funding into one seamless audit trail.

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    SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding’s Source Funds Manager module enables you to manage all tasks related to the source fund acquisition process. Prime Awardees can pull in targeted grant opportunities directly from and manage the entire application process from SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding. The Source Funds Manager module connects with SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding’s other modules to create a seamless and transparent audit trail from fund source to disbursement.

    Screenshot of Funding Source Manager in SmartSimple Cloud

    Manage all source funding activities from one, central place

    Stay organized and on top of all source funding opportunities you are pursuing as well as ones you are monitoring

    • Add any number of funding opportunities directly into the Source Fund Manager module from
    • Complete the entire source fund application from the Source Funds Manager Module and consolidate it into an exportable PDF, Word or Excel file for easy submission
    • Track the statuses of all your applications, be it in Draft, Under Review or Approved

    Have a complete picture of the audit trail

    Accurately track every disbursement payment directly back to source fund

    • Easily track the pool of funded subrecipients against the grant source they are being funded from
    • Track every disbursement record, its payment status and payment dates by each individual source fund
    • Get an aggregate view of your total budget across all funding sources versus total funds appropriated
    Screenshot of grants information within SmartSimple Cloud

    Gain greater visibility over allocated funds

    Track impact of awarded source funds and manage source fund budgets more efficiently

    • View all record details including progress reports from approved grant projects by program and by funding source
    • Manage source fund budgets more effectively with a clear view of funds appropriated and fund amounts remaining

    Majella Maher photo

    “Having one, central system has made work much less labor-intensive for everyone. The system provides a better audit trail, eliminating the need to go into multiple systems to find all the details we’re looking for.”

    Majella Maher
    Programme Manager

    Manage all your grantmaking and government processes on one platform

    SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding is an all-in-one solution that’s designed to help you manage your funding and granting programs exactly the way you want. With all its components being modularized, you’re able to uniquely tailor SmartSimple Cloud to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re a municipal, state, or federal agency, everything can be administered on our highly configurable and secure platform.

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    Discover SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding's modules

    Application Manager icon

    Application Manager

    Streamline administration and simplify the grant submission process for your applicants.

    Program Manager icon

    Program Manager

    Simplify administering your grant programs and effectively manage each program’s unique requirements.

    Panel Manager icon

    Panel Manager

    Lessen the administrative burden of managing review meetings and coordinating panel or committee reviews.

    Budget Manager icon

    Budget Manager

    Seamlessly track grant allocations and disburse payments from any number of funding streams.

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    See SmartSimple Cloud for Government Funding's Source Funds Manager module in action

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