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    Keep track of every research funding dollar granted while disbursing funds efficiently from one, central location

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    SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management’s Fund Manager enables you to make disbursements from multiple funding sources all while providing you with a detailed audit trail from funding source to grant payment. Set payment schedules, trigger reminders for progress reports on conditional payments and gain the flexibility to pull from multiple funding sources for a single grant payment.

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    Streamline disbursements while having the flexibility to manage ad-hoc payments

    • The Fund Manager’s payment scheduling capabilities can automate arranging all your grant payments – all you need to do is set the amounts and payment dates
    • Easily coordinate disbursements that are co-funded from multiple funding sources, enabling you to set payments per source
    • Control the flow of all your payments through status changes
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    Gain complete visibility over the entire audit trail across all your funding sources

    • Easily view approved and disbursed payments by grantee within each grantee record
    • See aggregate disbursements by funding area, remaining fund balances, and disbursement details by transaction
    • Track leveraged funds for disbursements payments that are matched by outside funders

    Be more efficient keeping your grantees organized with reporting

    • Set up triggered notifications to remind grantees of pending progress reports waiting submission
    • Monitor the amounts paid and remaining within all your funds, with the ability to track amounts and roll up by fiscal year and more.
    • Enable grantees to complete their progress reports directly in SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management or provide the option of uploading their reports in any file formats you specify, including Word, PDF and more

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    “Having a fully integrated system that joins departments, processes, and programs across global partnerships gives us the ability to do the live, real-time budgeting that is critical to our research granting model. We’re always looking for new ways we can use SmartSimple to automate even more of our processes.”

    Donal Keane
    Chief Operations Officer

    Manage all your research grants and mission critical processes on one platform

    SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management is a single solution for supporting all your organization’s research grants administration needs. Different modules can be added and modified to augment your functionality, enabling you to tailor your solution to suit your specific requirements. SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management is powered by SmartSimple’s automation and collaboration platform called SmartSimple Cloud, and it inherits its robust functionality that enables it to address the unique aspects of your research grants administration process.

    SmartSimple CLOUD for Research Grants Management

    Contact book icon

    Contact Relationship
    Management (CRM)

    Effectively manage and organize multiple contacts and the multiple roles they can play, be it researcher, reviewer, scientific board member, across the multiple different organizations they can represent. All information is centralized in one, profile, with information organized based on role and organization.

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    Reporting and Dashboards

    SmartSimple Cloud’s Report Builder Neo provides a robust reporting engine enabling you to report on any outcomes-based data point and create custom reports that can be shared and exported. Personalizable dashboards enable all your users to track the KPIs and milestones most important to their role.

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    Automation Workflows

    SmartSimple Cloud can help streamline your processes by managing even the most complex workflow with branching logic by grant program and triggered automation. Efficiently move more work through your process while eliminating manual or time consuming tasks, all without ever feeling held back on what you can achieve.

    Explore SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management's modules

    Submission Manager icon

    Submission Manager

    Access all the vital information key team members and stakeholders need to facilitate more efficient research funding.

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    Program Manager

    Manage all your grantmaking programs and their unique criteria to authentically mirror your funding priorities.

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    Committee Manager

    Simplify the reviewer assignment process and effectively administer your scoring methodology.

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    See SmartSimple Cloud for Research Grants Management's Fund Manager in action

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