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Research Grants

Research Grants

  • Feature rich and configurable portals for Grants Managers, Program Officers, Reviewers, Scientific Advisory Board Members, Finance Managers, Researchers, and Grantees.
  • Robust pre-screening including program eligibility and integration with ORCID™, optional access by Institution Research Office staff.
  • Powerful, configurable application forms, including multi-stage forms, conditional questions, online budgets, form version control and sophisticated form validation.
  • Scored review forms with weighted averages and multi-stage review processes, Conflict of Interest declaration.
  • Creation of all grant-related documentation from templates, including optional e-signature for all documents.
  • Automated creation of all post-award activities including, payment schedules, technical and financial reports and outcomes.
  • Management of No Cost Extensions and Budget Reallocations.
  • Automated Alerts and reminders for all processes and forms and a complete audit trail including field value changes.
Program Management

Program Management

  • Create and manage any number of your programs including invite only and open competitions and within each program management program calls.
  • One or more sponsors can be affiliated with each program or call.
  • Allocate funds from one or more program budgets to each grant, track funding from a grant or a program perspective.
Research Outcomes

Research Outcomes

  • Track Key Performance Indicators such as Publications, Patents, Collaborations, Conferences and FTE counts.
  • Aggregation of metrics to the call and program level for key stakeholders such as funding sponsors, government, and the public.
  • Representation of impact through the use of geographical mapping.
Panel Management

Panel Management

  • Invite and roster reviewers into one or more panels.
  • Match reviewers and assign roles based on reviewer interests and expertise and monitor for potential conflicts.
  • Generate meeting agendas and provide alerts and reminders.
  • Generation of meeting specific documentation.
  • Record meeting minutes and generate minutes documents.
  • Manage honorariums and expense claims for panel participants.
Research Office

Research Office

  • Optional Institute Research Office Portal access.
  • Research Office monitoring of application process from pre-submission to funded.
  • Post award grant management including financial reporting.

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