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    Discover Scholarship Management's Modules: Award & Financial Aid Manager

    Manage all your scholarship and financial aid opportunities, including bursaries, work-study programs, government loans and more.

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    SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management’s Award & Financial Aid Manager modules equip you with full control over all your programs’ funds while automating how you match candidates with available opportunities. Using SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management's powerful Award Matching feature, program administrators can automatically find the most suitable candidates for awards by easily comparing program requirements against the attributes of their candidate pool. Higher Education institutions can also leverage the power of SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management’s Financial Aid Manager to streamline managing entrance awards, government loan programs, general scholarship opportunities in one, convenient location.

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    Develop your award and financial aid opportunities with greater clarity

    Provide a configurable, clear overview of all your award and financial aid funds to better see how they’re being utilized

    • Create defined program frameworks with eligibility parameters to better provide your applicants with the most relevant opportunities based on their personal profile data
    • Consolidate data that’s relevant to the applications and awards to save on administrative time
    • Easily create questions and rules in your awards framework that show up on the application side
    • Significantly cut down on tedious administrative hours by finding important information needed within seconds, not hours
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    Streamline matching applicants to the most appropriate awards

    Simplify how your applicants search for the most relevant scholarship award opportunities while saving program administrators time matching candidates to the right awards

    • SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management’s Award Matching feature enables your applicants to use their profile information, academic merit, and expertise to automatically suggest only the most relevant opportunities
    • Program staff can quickly filter a list of best-fit candidates based on award criteria so you can find the most qualified people faster
    • Higher Education institutions can realize significant time savings by using data from their current SIS to automatically match student profiles to the most suitable opportunities

    Update your award opportunities on the fly, from anywhere

    Save time creating new awards or modifying existing opportunities as your funding priorities and organization’s goals evolve

    • Create and update award cycles for every new year without losing valuable historical submission data
    • Add and update information on the spot to any award opportunity wherever you have internet access

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    “We were so pleased with the amount of flexibility available in the platform, that we were able to extend our reach and use SmartSimple Cloud for other programs we manage.”

    Justin Perrier
    Scholarship Systems Analyst

    Manage all your scholarships and business processes on one platform

    SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management is an all-in-one solution powered by SmartSimple Cloud technology that’s designed to help you manage your scholarship award process exactly the way you want. With all its components being modularized, you’re able to uniquely tailor SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re a foundation administering a simple scholarship program, or are a Higher Education institution managing a complex portfolio of awards with granular criteria, everything can be managed under one roof.

    SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management

    Explore SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management's modules

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    Fund Manager

    Seamlessly track all your scholarship and award funds from any number of funding sources all in one place.

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    Review Manager

    Simplify onboarding and assigning reviewers, scoring applications, and reporting on results for faster reviews from anywhere.

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    Application Manager

    Streamline every step in your submission process while aligning all your staff and applicants with the information they need.

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