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Introducing Engage

Spark & engage your people around the world's first CSR solution fully integrated with the UN SDGs

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Crowdsourcing CSR Programs in the Digital Age

Your CSR impact, accelerated

Adopting the UN SDGs

A checklist to evaluate your CSR preparedness

A Comparison of Traditional and SDG-Driven CSR

How has CSR strategy changed with the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Watch the 5-minute history of CSR

How can its 20th century roots inform where it may evolve in the next 10 years?
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Introducing Engage

A new vision for corporate social responsibility

Your power to do good resides in the hearts of your people. Imagine if it was the passion of your people that drove how your CSR program impacts the world. Imagine, if you and your people, could work together as partners to make the world a more meaningful place. Imagine no further.

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Family from a developing country

The only solution that fully aligns your mission with the United Nations’ SDGs

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a global blueprint for prosperity, peace, and dignity for people and the planet – now and in the future. Companies cannot continue to exploit profits irresponsibly in a world where poverty, inequality, hunger, and environmental uncertainty still exists.

SmartSimple Engage is a revolutionary solution for companies looking for a fresh approach to engage employees’ passions to do good. It redefines employee engagement with a ‘bottom-up’ CSR approach where your people drive which CSR objectives you pursue. Fully integrated with the UN SDG framework, it empowers organizations to deliver real impact against the world’s most pressing issues.

A smiling Muslim girl looking at the camera
A smiling Muslim girl looking at the camera

Track & report all your employee contributions against SDGs

Every employee’s contributions can be tracked, reported, and attributed against your company’s impact towards the 17 SDGs.

  • Skills-based & pro-bono volunteering
  • Matching gifts
  • Dollars for Doers
  • Donations

Engage your employee’s passions to do good with SDGs

Traditional CSR programs often lack the level of choice Millennials and Gen Z come to expect. With SmartSimple Engage, every employee selects the SDGs resonating with the issues they care about most. Not only can companies add more personalization to their CSR programs, they can gain better insight on the issues engaging their people most and are more likely to contribute to.

A smiling Muslim girl looking at the camera

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Watch a demo video of Engage in action

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