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Bring unity to how you manage your funding processes and add best-in-class CRM with SmartSimple Cloud for Salesforce® advanced capabilities for managing your complex administrative operations

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SmartSimple Cloud for Salesforce® is an enterprise-ready solution that combines the power of two best-of-breed platforms – for an even better way to meet your mission. Bringing together SmartSimple Cloud for Salesforce® to automate your complex administrative processes, and Salesforce CRM to manage all your relationships, you get the best of both platforms without compromise.

SmartSimple Cloud for Salesforce® comes together with the world’s #1 CRM platform

SmartSimple Cloud for Salesforce® is the perfect solution to complement your organization’s use of Salesforce. Managing relationships with every stakeholder that your organization and its departments engage with is complex. This becomes even more of a challenge when data is siloed across multiple departments or systems, and constantly changes through highly unique or complex processes, such as grants management, research funding, and donor-advised funds.

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Sync your data across platforms for greater context and deeper relationships

  • Automatically keep all your contact and organization records up-to-date between SmartSimple Cloud and Salesforce
  • Create a shared view of every relationship your departments engage with, so everyone has the information they need without having to switch between platforms
  • Focus more on your work by dramatically reducing the number of ad hoc data requests, duplicate records, and manual uploads.
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SmartSimple Cloud for Salesforce® gives you full control over your processes

  • Easily tailor SmartSimple Cloud for Salesforce® and its suite of modules to solve your process challenges, with full control over what CRM data and metrics are passed into Salesforce
  • Give your team SmartSimple Cloud's advanced capabilities to manage processes the way they need without compromising how they prefer to work
  • Pull key data like financial information and 501(c)3 tax statuses from verified sources into SmartSimple Cloud for Salesforce® at any stage of your process

Ideal for enterprises and foundations seeking best-of-breed technology

  • SmartSimple Cloud for Salesforce® is perfect for organizations with well-defined, rigid, or compliance-heavy processes that are already using Salesforce
  • Gain the agility and flexibility your teams need and easily configure your operational processes in SmartSimple Cloud for Salesforce® as they evolve
  • Increase your ROI with SmartSimple Cloud's configuration-based technology by avoiding the costliness and riskiness of overhauling customized software 

Connect SmartSimple Cloud for Salesforce® with your other best-of-breed systems

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Organizations already are increasingly adopting a best-of-breed approach for digital transformation to unlock greater efficiencies and ROI. By selecting only the best technologies for an organization’s core functions and bringing them together, departments gain the control, agility, and resilience they need to accomplish their work with precision.

As a best-of-breed technology, SmartSimple Cloud perfectly complements your use of Salesforce while enabling you to streamline your operations without compromising your processes. Let Salesforce and your ERP financial system do what they do best, and leverage the extreme flexibility of SmartSimple Cloud for Salesforce® to transform your work for greater impact like few others can – no matter how complex or unique your goals may be.

Join others leveraging the power of SmartSimple Cloud

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“Having a fully integrated system that joins departments, processes, and programs across global partnerships gives us the ability to do the live, real-time budgeting that is critical to our research granting model.”

Donal Keane
Chief Operating Officer

Extend SmartSimple Cloud for Salesforce® even further

Our SmartSimple Cloud Marketplace offers a host of apps and cloud services to extend your use of our platform even further, including GuideStar by Candid, LexisNexis, and DocuSign. Discover our nearly 50 apps all spanning a number of different categories from accounting solutions to e-signatures.

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