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Award-winning grants management software

Imagine a grants management software that empowers you to oversee your community, your giving, and your impact, using processes that work for you. That’s SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management. With personalization and automation built into our technology, we can transform your work for greater impact.


Grants management software tailored for you

What we do for you

What we do for you


We empower grantmakers with a centralized suite of customizable modules that work for you. Our grants management software will help you to...

  • Manage grants, programs, contracts and payments all in a single centralized system
  • Track progress towards your goals
  • Deliver targeted and automated communications
  • Report outcomes and impact over time
Grant lifecycle management

Grants lifecycle management

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Our grants management platform manages everything from grant proposals and submissions to approvals and reporting, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Automation
  • Transparency
Simplified collaboration

Simplified collaboration


Our grants management software simplifies collaboration across all stakeholders and areas of the granting cycle.

  • Easily share and work on an application together
  • Keep grantees, reviewers, staff and other stakeholders up-to-date with notes
  • See the full history of communications between stakeholders at a glance


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Our grants management software provides the most advanced features through a point and click administrator interface, allowing you to…

  • Make rapid adjustments as needed
  • Customize user interfaces, permissions, security, and reports
  • All without the need for app developers
  • Create automated workflows for all your processes

Grants management modules to suit you

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Grant Application Manager


Consolidate all your grant opportunities, application forms, and submissions in one location

  • Configure to suit your unique goals
  • Centralize all applicant and grantee data
  • Design the optimal experience for applicants and grantees
  • Eliminate inefficient or paper-based processes through workflow automation


Grant Program Manager photo

Grant Program Manager


Control the building and managing of your grantmaking programs, with as much simplicity or complexity as your objectives require.

  • Establish links between applications and actions
  • Develop your grant opportunities with greater clarity
  • Better respond to shifts in grantmaking


Grant Budget Manager photo

Grant Budget Manager


Earmark allocations and disburse payments towards specific budgets, allowing administrators to easily set up budgets and make your grantmaking seamless.

  • Visualize the flow of your funding streams
  • Better complement your existing process
  • Schedule and track payments with ease


Other modules

Other modules


Our grants management software is configurable to suit your needs. Here are a few other modules that work well for our clients.

  • Meeting Manager to streamline your meeting logistics
  • Event Manager to organize your events from start to finish
  • Goal Tracker to track the metrics most important to you
  • Report Builder to tell your grants management story

Fully integrated grants management software

We know that no organization uses just one tool, one system or one application anymore. That’s why we’ve integrated the most used systems by grantmakers, so whether you want to simplify grantee registration, sign a document, or map out your grants by location, you can do it all within our grants management software.

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“The SmartSimple team really listened to what we wanted and needed in a grants management system. They offered the flexibility and accessibility we were looking for and at a reasonable price.”

Kim Thao, Operations Director

“We needed to have a stringent process for governance and a platform that could support us by storing everything in one place, providing transparency with internal stakeholders and the external partners we collaborate with.”

Stanislav Kischner, Global Data & Platform Owner

Boehringer Ingelheim employees