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    Discover Unite’s Modules: Panel Manager

    Simplify every review and meeting in your grantmaking process for more effective, informed decision-making.

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    Unite’s Panel Manager module is used to support review meetings and panel or committee-based reviews. The convenient module helps you more efficiently manage all scoring processes and further consolidate all the key information your reviewers need in order to perform proper, fair assessments of grant applications.

    Unite: Panel Manager

    Streamline your meeting logistics to save time

    Lessen administrative burden and manage simple or complex, multi-stage review processes with greater efficiency

    • Send automated emails to individuals and groups that are tailored to their specific role
    • Manually assign reviewers to review specific applications or bulk assign roles to users using the reviewer assignment grid
    • Share printable agendas that are auto generated from the meeting details entered into the Panel Manager module
    Unite: Review - Board Book

    Collaborate more effectively with reviewers and other stakeholders

    Work more seamlessly and efficiently with stakeholders for a more coordinated review process

    • Pull applications for review directly from the Application Manager module into your created meeting
    • Generate thorough dockets or board books that can be compiled in PDF format and automatically emailed to committee or board members
    • Host virtual meetings using our Zoom integration or other video conferencing solutions so your participants can take part from wherever they are
    Unite: Reviewer Dashboard

    Share key information easily and securely with your stakeholders

    Keep your entire team organized by centralizing all key data and information

    • Securely share information like meeting information, tasks and applications for review with reviewers and committee members through unique, personalized portals
    • View aggregated meeting metrics by committee or panel including number of proposals or applications, as well as average, total and maximum fund requesting amounts
    • Share meeting results and aggregated review scores in clear, easy to read charts

    Manage all your grantmaking and government processes on one platform

    Unite is a single solution for supporting all your grant funding administration needs. Different modules can be added and modified to augment Unite’s functionality, enabling you to tailor Unite to suit your specific requirements. Beneath Unite sits Platform3, SmartSimple’s cloud-based automation and collaboration platform that provides the underlying infrastructure on which Unite is built on. Through Platform3, Unite inherits its robust functionality that enables it to address the unique aspects of your grants funding administration.

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    Discover Unite's modules

    Application Manager

    Application Manager

    Streamline administration and simplify the grant submission process for your applicants.

    Program Manager

    Program Manager

    Simplify administering your grant programs and effectively manage each program’s unique requirements.

    Source Funds Manager

    Source Funds Manager

    Manage the source fund acquisition process and maintain oversight over the flow of funds.

    Budget Manager

    Budget Manager

    Seamlessly track grant allocations and disburse payments from any number of funding streams.

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