SmartSimple’s implementation teams work tirelessly to ensure an efficient, streamlined process for our clients

Successful implementation projects begin with, and rely on, clear communication between our clients and our team because every organization’s needs are unique. We believe in a truly collaborative approach with our clients in order to deliver solutions that are authentic to their needs.

SmartSimple implementation projects typically follow a 5-stage process

What makes SmartSimple truly stand apart is the unparalleled flexibility it offers. The SmartSimple platform is a completely configurable technology, different from most others that have to rely on scripting to personalize their solutions for clients. That means our implementation teams can build solutions more efficiently, more quickly and more fine tuned to our clients’ specific business needs.

Requirements Gathering icon

Requirements Gathering

Before any project can begin, we need to compile a full, comprehensive list of requirements that a client needs in their system. Fine details gathered at this stage include things like workflows, business rules, profile information, and the specific roles of individuals in your organization.

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Analysis & Design

At this stage, we gather your requirements and map out a platform design. We use this to create the most suitable system configuration for your exact needs.

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Project Plan Sign-Off

A statement of work (SOW) is created based off of the system design. To deliver the system in incremental stages, the components are divided into work packages and milestones. This allows our clients to experience and interact with the system throughout its configuration.

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Implementation & Testing

During implementation, an initial work package is created to include roles, permissions, workflows, portals, and relevant fields. Your SmartSimple Project Manager will then walk you through it. Necessary adjustments are made based on feedback. Once the modifications from the previous stage are approved, tests are performed by your team to ensure all requirements have been met.

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Go Live Training

We then train both your internal users and system administrator. You are introduced to SmartSimple’s various methods of support: email, phone and SmartSimple’s Community Portal.

Choosing the right project method for your timeline

There are two distinct project methods of implementation we offer: Enterprise Deployment and Rapid Deployment. Once both parties have accepted and understood the proposed project method, our five stage process begins:

Enterprise Deployment

This implementation method is an immersive one that meets the unique needs of your business. Over the average course of 4-6 months, you will work with a dedicated team of a Solutions Architect, Project Manager, and a Business Analyst to develop a configuration of your system software designed to your unique needs. Solution Architects are highly experienced and have extensive subject matter expertise in system deployments. Their in-depth understanding of how our technology meets business needs ensures that best practice is always followed.

During the implementation process, there will be two weekly one-on-one meetings betweem the client and the SmartSimple project team. At each project milestone, we go through a rigorous testing through Shark Tank-style QA meetings to ensure the best possible approach to your system configuration. Our goal is to always build a system that's easy to maintain and evolve long into the future.

Rapid Deployment

Looking to work on an accelerated and expedited timeline? Our Rapid Deployment team works with clients who want to get their platform up and running quickly. While the end result is the same as the Enterprise route, there’s no need to wait for results.

Rapid implementation projects can only be successful if both the SmartSimple project team, and the client are committed to following strict and aggressive timelines. The Rapid Deployment method is an agile implementation approach with no downtime during the project.

The average timeline from start to finish is 4-6 weeks. You will work with a team of a dedicated Business Analyst, Project Coordinator, and Project Manager that will work with you in developing your system.